Drafts for Mac -- beta now available

Drafts for Mac beta is available here


No Actions (yet).

Syncs with iCloud if you have a Drafts Pro subscription on iOS.

Nice menubar widget for quick capture.


Thanks for sharing, finally…glad to see it on Mac.

Very excited about this. Since downloading yesterday, I’ve been taking another look at using drafts for my main notes app / repository and maybe writing environment.

This could be the reason for me to finally upgrade my OS after many years.

So exciting!!! Bummed about potentially needing Mojave. 2 of my computers don’t support it.

This is definitely interesting. This might change everything about how I handle text. If Drafts for the Mac is good. I might just ditch Notes.app and Ulysses and go with one app for all my notes and writing.

I’m not a Drafts Pro subscriber yet… So I’m hesitant do download the beta. I have too many important notes in Drafts on iOS for playing around with a beta :blush:

@KevinR @andreasl I’ve tried using one app for notes AND writing, and found that did not work. Two separate processes, two separate tools.

Plus my notes often contain images.

I find my brain seems to want to separate documents by ephemerality, and Drafts is the primary solution to that problem. I’ve used Drafts on the iPhone, and an app called SwiftText on the Mac, for digital scratch paper – the digital equivalent of the notepad we used to keep next to our landlines back in the 20th Century. I also use it for information I want to keep for hours or days, but not longer than that. For example: I travel frequently on business, and when I check into a hotel, I keep the room number stored as a note in Drafts.

I like the idea of being able to easily sync that kind of thing between the Mac and iOS. And SwiftText didn’t give me the ability to easily separate notes; it was all one big document. So overall, the availability of Drafts for Mac is a very positive development for me.


Yeah! I‘m really looking forward for that. This make a lot of stuff easier for me. Right now I’m juggling with nvAlt on the Mac and Drafts on iOS. I also use SwiftText on the Mac, but not without complaining it’s not Drafts every time.

I’m trying to think about how Drafts on the Mac would fit for me. I use Drafts on the iPhone to quickly jot down things I need to remember. And I also keep a couple of notes in there that I keep appending to. I could just as easily keep them in the Notes.app but if I keep them in Drafts then I can quickly find and access them. But I could actually get by with just the Notes.app on my iPhone sitting in the Dock. So I don’t really know how Drafts fits on the Mac for me unless it is a replacement for Notes.app, which I actually like as it does some more things. The advantage of Drafts is of course that I can automate things and send text quickly to other apps. So there is actually a need to keep it around. But with the Mac App it sort of changes the whole idea about what Drafts is. It is no longer just a scratchpad for quick notes to act on…

Actually, if that’s your existing use case for Drafts then Drafts on macOS doesn’t change anything other than providing bi-directional sync. In other words, your use case now extends to the desktop for quick capture, etc., on that platform.

I think that’s the same result for almost every Drafts use case: (a) quick capture, (b) scratch pad, © Notes / Bear / whatever replacement; (d) reference library; © simple wiki – and so on. Lots of folks have a variety of sophisticated use cases for drafts, many of which depend on actions, which will eventually be added to Drafts on macOS too.

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LOL! I love SwiftText and the developer is responsive but I hope to drop it like a hot potato now that Drafts is on the Mac.

Been using Drafts Mac a day now. So far so good.

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Didn’t have the time to install it yesterday. But hopefully today, once I get home.

That’s ironic! I switched to Bear a few weeks ago because I was tired of waiting for Drafts to come to the Mac. I was using nvALT, but managing the sync to iOS just became too cumbersome. I’ve really been enjoying Bear and I appreciate the ability to add images to notes when necessary. I’m not going to subscribe to both drafts and bear, so I think I’m going to stick with Bear. I’m still using the old version of Drafts on iOS for very short quick entry, but that will probably switch to Bear at some point.

@Robert it will take less than 5 minutes for it to install and all your drafts to have magically appeared.

Hard to beat that ROI. :slight_smile:

Yes, I have it now. So great!

Momentarily excited then a big let down…

The two deal breakers for me:

  1. Likelyhood it will need Mojave - two out of three computers won’t run it and it’s way too soon to trust it on my iMac production machine.

  2. Requirement to have the subscription version on iOS - while I will pay a lot for good software I won’t rent it.

Drafts on iOS only has been a non-starter for me, but I just installed this and I’m excited to see if it changes things up. I’m way in on NVAlt right now, but being able to access drafts from a mac might make this work better for me.

I think I would definitely be more comfortable with it if the backup feature also created a big folder of text files somewhere. I don’t know what I think is going to happen, but I feel like if I’m into this whole world of writing in Fountain and Markdown and nvalt and everything, switching into a system where my notes are jammed into some kind of non- or less-accessible format feels weird.

I don’t feel to comfortable with this either, but I was told it’s possible, even though a little complicated, to extract your files from the Json-Backup. So I rely on this as an emergency strategy. I don’t think it is likely that Drafts will break or go away without warning, but it’s good to know there’s a backup. Most important texts will go somewhere else after being finished in Drafts anyway.

I think the only way I can see myself really getting into it is if it takes over as my notes app, which is possible if it’s on the Mac. As someone whose main machines are macs, using drafts on ios feels like a busywork generator, even when I find it useful to jot something down very quickly. I’d rather write something down than have to clean out the drafts bin.

I didn’t attempt to try it on my Mac because I thought you needed to be a Drafts/iOS subscriber to get access. Was I wrong, or did that change?

I use drafts on iOS the way it was initially intended - as a jumping off point for text, where I immediately move what I’m working on into something else. I know it has greater functionality (which I don’t use, which is why I keep/use the full version of D4 next to the non-subscription version of V5) but I haven’t delved into it or seem to need it. So I wonder if I need the Mac app to do anything more be a Mac version of the iOS app and also be able to sync files if needed.

At this point I am deep with Ulysses on Mac/iOS, and I’m waiting to see what IA Writer’s update will be like - when I contacted them about limitations in font size and a couple of other things they promised changes in an upcoming revision. Unless there’s some sort of workflow that blows past IA Writer on the Mac I don’t see Drafts/Mac being more than a convenience for sharing on iOS.