Drobo - Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Troubling news for Drobo owners …

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is not as bad as it seems.

On the other hand, it could be converted to Chapter 7 bankruptcy. That’s when you should start worrying.

LOL… Yes, I’ve always interpreted it to mean, “our company is doing great!”

But yes, I agree reorganization is better than liquidation. I used to have a Drobo. But like so many others report, I lost all my data and switched to Synology.


I still have a Drobo. As a mute, unnoticed backup device in a closet.

I was a huge fan of them. Then:

  • software issues
  • a fan stopped working. They basically answered, “Buy a new one”. I fixed it myself
  • weird issues

10 (?) years ago I would have recommended their products. But for many years…not.

I saw this coming over a year ago when they weren’t answering communication and innovation dried up.


Well, yeah. When you take “bankruptcy” out of context, it seems pretty bad.

Out of context? The context is very much the company is badly managed, has a bad product, etc. It doesn’t mean the company is dead, but things aren’t looking good.

Yes, that’s correct. I don’t think anybody’s denying that.

I purchased several Drobos over the years including some of their 8 disk drive units. But I stopped using them around 2016. The company wasn’t the same after the mergers and sales.