Drobo Dashboard still working with MacOS Sonoma Beta (14.0 Beta 23A5312d)

** yes I know Drobo is dead, but always nice to have a secondary copy of data **

Just to confirm that Drobo Dashboard is working fine with a fresh install of MacOS Sonoma Beta (14.0 Beta 23A5312d), key thing no previous install of the Drobo software was required.

So things are looking good for a little bit more usability for these retiring DAS devices.

Note you do need to change your system security settings, simple to do and guided by the installer.

Important notes to anyone still using Drobo:
Drobo as a company no longer exists, as a result absolutely no support pathways exist beyond self support if you have any software or hardware issues. As a result please do not rely upon any Drobo hardware as a primary & mission critical storage device.

I’m using my Drobo as a tertiary back-up device and to host various media files for my Plex server that all don’t matter if anything happens to my Drobo that I can’t recover from.

Hello, I was happy to find this post and was wondering if you updated to the official version of Sonoma now and what your experience is with it. I skipped the last major MacOS update already in fear that the Drobo will have problems, but your post gave me new hope.

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@Andrea I completed Sonoma upgrade (from Ventura to Sonoma) a few days ago on my main machine, glad to report no issues at all.

That’s good to hear, though I’m 2 storage solutions away from when I used a Drobo. I used Synology for a while and then switched to TrueNAS running 20 drives in an Define XL PC case.

The Drobo was great when I had an always on Mac , which I don’t anymore.

If the dashboard doesn’t work with a future version of macOS , I wonder if you could run it in a VM running and older version of macOS, using UTM or similar.

Welcome. I was a big fan of Drobo. I purchased a 4 disk model in '08, a Drobo Pro around '09, and multiple 5 and 8 disk models over the years. But today a Drobo is a ticking time bomb. I hope you have everything backed up.