Drobo Dashboard still working with MacOS Sonoma Beta (14.0 Beta 23A5312d)

Unfortunately, I had no idea Drobo filed bankruptcy. I found out the hard way when I had to erase my MAC due to an issue with the operating system. Now my mac won’t mount to the Drobo 5D3 and I don’t have the Drobo dashboard or software on my computer. Does anyone know of a way to get the MAC to recognize the Drobo? Would it mount if I was able to get the dashboard software? My Drobo still works. I just want to get my data and move on. I have decades of data on it, sadly.

Hi @Michelle_Murphy, the good news is that it should still work if you install the Drobo Desktop, I would hold off any further MAC updates however until you complete the data extraction.

I note that the Drobo web site is no longer available, hence you can’t download the software, however I have a copy and I’ve PM’d you a link to download from my OneDrive.

Install it, grab your files & power down the Drobo and forget about it. Just a shame that I can’t find anything that is a “modern” update, at it’s core this is still a fantastic solution that was ahead of its time even when I purchased my 5D3 many years ago.

Hello, would it be possible to get a copy of the software as well? My dad’s Mac had to be reset and don’t have any installation of Drobo Desktop.

Sure no problem @SMac, here is a link, it’s time bombed after a week or so.


If anyone else gets into a spot of bother after that link doesn’t work, let me know, happy to share it again.

But please, be actively migrating away from Drobo’s, mine only just works with Sonoma 14.3.1. Not just in a week, but today.

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You are a life saver. I was able to download the installer…thank you. And thank you for your detailed experience with Dashboard on Sonoma :pray:

PS - I have a 5N2 that I will be getting rid of soon if anyone is looking for you.


Wondering if anyone on this thread has experienced hangs while transferring files from Drobo to another external drive?

This happens to me on 3 different laptops all running Sonoma, ,1 is fresh build, the other relatively new, less than 6 month. All laptops have plenty of memory, 16 Gb - 32 GB, and disk space if that matters.

Any insight is appreciated :pray:

I’m afraid that I’ve given up on my Drobo, it exists as a file vault at the moment (ie turned off and I’ve got no idea what is on it).

Good luck.

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So, recent victim of a Drobo death. My Drobo 5c started dismounting on its own, lost complete connection to Drobo dashboard, then a blinking red light in one of the drives. Progressed to solid red light, then data protection, eventually tried to replace bad drive, got all solid orange lights and then on starting up would shut itself down. This all happened over several days. Borrowed another person’s power cord and that did not help. I think the box was just fried.

I had already ordered a Thunderbay 4 unit which arrived today. Sadly, no local back up of 7 TB of data. Awaiting Backblaze restore hard drive which may take 3-4 weeks to get to me.

Wondering if anyone has an empty but functional Drobo unit (empty) and functional power cord I could get to see if I can recover my files. Or, I will just wait it out til Backblaze drive arrives.

I will second the recommendation to migrate to a new system as soon as feasible. This has been very stressful.

Where are you based?

Minneapolis, minnesota

Sadly that is a bit far from Melbourne/Australia, else you’d be welcome to try to recover from my 5D3.

Good luck!

Thanks anyway!
Hopefully the Backblaze restore will go fine.

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Netvet007 - I’ve been helping a friend with their Drobo challenges and I know they are trying to get rid of their 5N2 and a 5D. I’m also in Minneapolis. Reach out if any interest.