Dumb question - what non-Apple mouse do y'all like?

Just did Boot Camp on my Mac Mini 2012, and installed Windows 10 - but it really doesn’t like my Magic Trackpad. Tried various third-party drivers, no dice.

I’m thinking I’ll just connect a mouse, and that’s fine - but I don’t own a mouse. And I know there are lots of them for $10-$20 at any big box store. But I’d like a decent one.

Anybody have a mouse (wireless or wired) that they’re really happy with?

I love a good track pad, but none of my PCs at work ever had one, so I made do with an inexpensive Logitech mouse from Target store. Both their wired or wireless (with the little dongle that plugs into a USB-A port) worked well and were extremely inexpensive.


Anything Logitech will work great. I use their high-end mice for work, both the MX Master 3 and Logi Lift ergo mouse. Looking on Amazon, the Logitech M510 and M705 are cheap and will likely last years and years.


+1 for Logitech. My no frills wired favorite is the Logitech B100. I used to buy them by the case for my users. When their Dell or Apple mouse died (or was murdered) they got a B100 which never failed. Seems like they cost around $10.

I prefer a trackpad but I also keep a mouse for those rare times I need a little more precision. For the last few years that’s been a Logitech M535 wireless. It’s more of a travel mouse, slightly smaller than normal, and runs 10 - 12 months on one AA battery. $20 - $40 depending on where you buy.


I absolutely HATE trackpads and cannot use them at all.

My favorite 2 mice are a wired ones because I also tend to have disconnect issues with the wireless ones.

One is an ancient Logitech B-100.

The other is a Microsoft branded compact optical mouse model 1344

For cheapish mice that also work and the only wireless ones I can use I have several of the Logitech M317 mice that we got at Sam’s club. They come in all different colors so I can identify which mouse goes with which computer, critical when I have 4 or more up and running at once.

Adds up to several $20s, but my Logitech MX Ergo is a solid performer and has been for many years. It tracks seamlessly between macOS and Windows running in a Parallels VM.



+1 Logitech and gaming mice in particular. We have G502 and G903 all over the house (based on what’s on sale, mostly, though 903 fits some hands better and no wire is nice.)


I’ve used a Logitech B100 (roughly $8 frorm Amazon) for about 3 years now, and it replaced another one I bought back in 2013. I struggled with an Apple “Mighty” Mouse before that. When the day comes (2027?) the B100 fails, I’ll certainly buy another one.


I have used several generations of Logitech MX Master mice until I’ve worn out the buttons.

Their (admittedly terrible) software allows you to reprogram buttons and other mouse functions, which I use in combination with KM and Shortcuts and such to do all sorts of fun things:


Logitech MX veritcal is a fantastic mouse, best I’ve ever used.


My friend, you definitely know the answer is an MX mouse of some sort. Unless you try them at a store and they don’t fit your hands, in which case… I wish you luck.


Like others in this thread, I’m a fan of the MX Master 3. The software is indeed terrible, but once configured it stays out of your way.

The M510 is also a solid choice.


Totally agree - best mouse ever


Is the software terrible on Windows as well? Is it just on macOS which it is problematic?

I use a Logitech MX Master 3 with my work Windows laptop. As the system is locked down I cannot install the Logitech software, but Windows 10 sees it without any issue. Logitech did/does sell a ‘Mac’ version, the only apparent difference is the lack of the wireless receiver dongle. I use the non-Mac version and it works fine on my Macs and the Windows machine. I’ve never needed the dongle as Bluetooth has worked well for me.

Not the least expensive option, but a fine device.

Good lick whatever you decide.

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I have no idea, but I suspect it’s terrible everywhere.

I have two major qualms with Logi Options:

  • You can’t just tell the mouse buttons to act as a USB mouse button, which Keyboard Maestro et al. would be able to pick up natively. So I have the buttons set to enter some impossible-without-Everything-Everywhere-All-At-Once-hotdog-fingers hotkeys, and then I pick up that combo with automation tools.
  • The software is heavy and wearily web-dependent, so it takes a while to launch and connect to Logitech’s servers before the fancy features start working e.g., after rebooting. This can add a minute or two to reboot time.

One thing worth mentioning: if you have more than one computer, and would like to share a display with them, you can simply plug the LG dongle into the display, and each computer will automatically use the mouse when you plug the computer into the display.

The software is not required for basic functionally, basically, which comes for free if you plug LG’s RF dongle in.


Logitech Signature M650 user here, running on Bluetooth. The first BT mouse I’ve used that doesn’t disconnect. An earlier Logitech Triathlon mouse disconnected all the time.


As other have said: Logitech.

If you use their devices on a mac, I recommend not using Logi Options but opting for Steermouse instead. It took me ages to figure out that Logi Options was waking my mac from sleep all the time.


Logitech MX Master 2 along with Better Touch Tool and it works great. Use same mouse with work laptop. And a clacky Keytron keyboard too!

About to get a new desktop Mac (first one in awhile) and plan on going back to my old faithful Logitech thumb trackball mouse. Best ergonomics! Used them at every job before I retired.