Eero Pro Mesh Routers Recommended?

I’m thinking of getting a three-pack of Eero Pro Mesh Wi-Fi Routers to replace my Airport network as I’m intrigued by the HomeKit support. Does anyone have experience with the Eero Pros? Would you recommend them? Is a three-pack worth the best part of £500?

I like using three Eero Pros in my home. The extra radios improve throughput, which I make use of. Many people get by just fine with one Pro and smaller units to fill out the mesh, though, so it’s hard to say. If you’ve got a good discount I’d say to go for it. A mesh is going to be a substantial improvement over a non-mesh setup with multiple Airports.

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LinkSys Velop (some models) support HomeKit as well…

I’ve got the older Eero three-pack and I recommend it to anyone. Well worth it in my opinion.

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I love mine. Eero is very good if you want to have a solid WiFi network with few options that just works without fuss.

Really happy with the Eero Pro 3 pack I bought a couple of months ago. Super easy set-up, great performance, and a nice mobile app to manage it all. It seems like the most “Mac-like” out of all the mesh routers I researched before I purchased.


I posted something similar a few months ago after reading Rosemary Orchard’s thread about waiting too long to get the Eero. I pulled the trigger in early December and couldn’t be happier. No connection problems anymore. I got mine on sale for $400 on Amazon. I like having the extra Ethernet connection that comes with the pros. Hands down the best upgrade I ever made.


I started out with just one regular eero around April or May of last year, then added a pro, not b/c of WiFi issues but b/c I needed an Ethernet connection for a 10 y.o. iMac with a failing WiFi radio. One upstairs and one downstairs are more than enough for our house, with +/- 20 devices on at any time.

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I started a similar thread last month, and got few recommendations. I landed with eero Pro 6. The speed is amazing when you are next to it. Sometimes the signal is so weak when I have closed doors (which is surprising because I am around 30ft away from the router).

I had one issue that frustrated me, and the support did not help. I was downloading massive amount of data from BackBlaze (7TB), I have one eero wired to the modem, and the others connected wirelessly to it. During that download process which lasted over 3 days (the wireless eeros lose connection, and give me a red LED).
The support person told me that I am having a lot of coverage and they saturate each other (that does not make sense to me), because I am having one in each floor. I feel it’s a software issue.

Other than this instance, they have been running great, with no issues.