What Tech Did You Take Too Long to Buy?

I recently got an Eero mesh network (as in, it arrived today!). I moved in on September 2nd and my Wi-fi was dire, so I got a cheap router with good reviews from Amazon, which was better - and then I got a second for my office because the walls in my place seem to be made from signal obstructing materials.

Then over the weekend I spotted a 3 pack of Eeros, new, for sale on eBay at a very affordable price (I presume the person purchased them on prime day and then found out about the Eero 6 models). Fed up with toggling Wi-fi off at home when Instagram wouldn’t load, I caved. I actually have signal in all rooms, and my download speeds have doubled, upload quadrupled.

Why didn’t I get Eero to start with? My place is too small, it should be covered fine by a regular router. I was also researching Eero vs Orbi vs Velop, all of which look pretty good.

So this lead me to think, what tech have other people not bought and then realised it really does fix their problems or make them happy?


Eero. Yep, that was me, too… oh, and an iPhone 8. I moved up from a 3.


My first iMac.
Took me about 35 years too long.

If only…


I went through three keyboards for my iPad Pro 12.9" before getting the Smart Keyboard. Which I should have bought to begin with, but I was paying attention to some negative opinion pieces instead of choosing the obvious best (for me) keyboard.

I also fiddled around with wireline ethernet networking for a year or so before installing an Eero mesh. There’s no comparison in quality and reliability.


Same here.
Left Apple sometime around 1993 and the Mac LC. I wanted to play X-Wing, y’see… bought a 486 at the time.
Went back to Apple in 2016.
BOY do I wish I took that decision 15 years earlier…

So I guess the answer is: all my Apple tech :sweat_smile:


Beige G3, then “Lamp” 17" iMac G4 (August 2, 2003).
Tolerated Windows too long, then lost a lot of time faffing around with Linux before finding Nirvana.


Echoing @JKoopmans and @anon85228692, after I jumped ship from Apple in the mid-90s I didn’t get back until 2008 (MacBook Air)-2011 (Mac mini). Should have done that earlier in the OS X era.

Beyond that, I’ve probably tended to more often hit things too early rather than taking too long.


ScanSnap S1500. I used to visit it at convention booths a couple times a year. I’d pet it. Gawk at it. But it was FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS!

Still running strong today, despite a couple of bumps with various OS updates.



Jaybird X3s.

In an effort to try to save money, I bought cheap wireless buds from Amazon. They kept failing.

A few failures in, I realized I was soon going to hit the price point of the X3s. So I bit the bullet and bought the Jaybirds. They lasted me about four years before one of the buds finally shorted out this past summer (the cheapies were dying every few months).

I replaced the X3s with a pair of Jaybird Vistas, and I expect I’ll get 4-5 years out of them, too.

I should’ve gone with the Jaybirds in the first place.


For me, it wasn’t a piece of tech that I waited too long to get into, it was SOFTWARE. A few years ago I finally dug deep and spent money on a pro version of software instead of using working arounds and kludgy workflows with the basic version of the same product or a similar “freemium” version. I had a MacBook, an iPad, iPhone, etc., but I was hamstringing my experience of using them because I didn’t want to pay for really good apps.


One of the big advantages of the Mac is the robust ecosystem of third party developers. If you’re not paying for software, you’re not getting full value out of your Mac hardware.


PS-4 DualShock controller. I was trying to play old Sega Genesis ROMs and Super Nintendo ROMs on my Mac with just the keyboard because I did not want to spend money to play. I recently purchased a controller and am so pleased. The games are so much more fun because I am playing the way I remember.


Newton. Not kidding! Bought one in 2005 or so to see what I missed. Woulda loved one in 1996 or 7.


For me it was OmniFocus (which I eventually bought version 1.0 of). I had mucked around with everything else…

  • Pen and Paper
  • Spreadsheet
  • The Hit List (anyone remember that?)
  • Things (the original version)
  • Nozbe
  • Remember The Milk

…and the list goes on and on.

Once I got OmniFocus though I distinctly remember thinking ‘why didn’t I do this ages ago?!’


Ok, here’s an odd one, our church took entirely too long to buy a digital sound board. We wanted to stream live and record well for awhile, and then Covid hit. We had crazy work arounds and thankfully I had enough knowledge to get us through most of online services.

When we finally bit the bullet and upgraded it was like night and day. What we struggled with before was so easy to do with the right technology. We could replace multiple outboard processors and cables.


Too long? Not a problem I have too often. Now if the question was what did I buy without stopping and really thinking about it, that I later regretted… well… how big is the forum server?


I had the EXACT same experience! Tired of flicking Wi-Fi off and on to pick up a decent signal in different parts of the house. Got the eero 3-pack and have spent all my time since wondering why I didn’t do it sooner :grinning: Got great results from them. Happy customer.


I have a spare Eero sitting here and I’m debating giving it to my parents - it would have to run in bridge mode for them, but I have no doubt it would be an improvement on their ISP hub!


I bought Eero as soon as they became available in the UK. Both the Virgin Router and Apple Airport Extreme + Airport Express struggled to hit all areas of my house. Eero fixed it and made it all better.

For tech I waited too long to buy, Airpods, they seemed expensive, but I wouldn’t be without them now.

External keyboard and trackpad while working from home earlier this year.

Never needed one before at work, where my MacBook Pro sits in front of/just below an external monitor. These are aligned fine at work and I’ve never had an issue before, and I thought I’d set my home desk/monitor/chair up the same, but began to get neck/back pain.

It might also be that the work set up isn’t perfect, but I’m usually up and away from my desk regularly enough that it doesn’t cause issues. Being at home, I don’t get that away-from-desk time for meetings, etc