ESV Bible Copy to Clipboard — interested?

ESV Raycast

Would anyone be interested in this custom extension for Raycast? It lets you type any Bible reference and then optionally choose between none, some, or all formatting. It then copies the ESV passage to your clipboard.

I would need to clean the code up some, write up a small post, and get the code up on Github. Let me know if you have any interest and I can add it to my list :slight_smile:


I would be very, very, very, very interested if you could make it work for Alfred. (I understand if you cannot.)


That sounds cool! How difficult would it be to do other versions (e.g. Holman)?

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Welp, it’s a simple Node fetch script, so assuming you can run a node file in Alfred, you should be able to use it without any trouble!

This particular script uses the ESV API, so you couldn’t get Holman or any other translation. But there are plenty of Bible APIs. Perhaps for the broadest application, I’ll work on a script that can pull from any version (but has a default).

I would be interested in this.

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Thanks, @millerstevew. I’ll work on it!

I would be interested! Thanks!

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I would be interested to read the code, hit me with it!

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Add me, please. Thanks for doing this!

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If Shortcuts ever works right for Mac, I have a Shortcut that does this just waiting to be used in Alfred, etc.

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Ha, yes. Me, too. I’ve got a shortcut for this and I’ve got it accessible in Drafts as a keyboard shortcut, too; but no luck on macOS.

I’ve done this for a couple of years using Python and Automator, but like the spotlight-type applications for this kind of thing from a UI perspective. And I’ve really enjoyed Raycast because I can just write standard native code that works with or without Raycast. It doesn’t feel as “locked in” and I can use the code elsewhere.

Hoping to get around to writing this up next week. I’m thinking it wouldn’t be too hard to convert it to an Alfred workflow (although I’m not an Alfred user, so not sure?).

I always write these things as external shell scripts and then call them with Alfred, Keyboard Maestro, etc. so I can put the scripts into my Github repo so I won’t lose them and can track changes.

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Yes, totally agree.

FWIW, I’ve always wanted to get into Alfred but just haven’t made the time. For whatever reason Raycast has clicked with me; but I may eventually get around to Alfred. Everything I want to do seems to fit either in Raycast or Keyboard Maestro as of now.

Please count me in, looks interesting. I can help with similar Alfred script if that is needed.

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Yes please. I’ve not tried Raycast, but this would be a good reason to do so.

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Count me in, too, please.

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This sounds great. Thanks for offering to share. Would it be possible to specify other Bible versions (e.g. NLT)?

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Hey, everyone! Sorry it has taken me so long to get something up.

To run the script:

  1. Press your Raycast hotkey or open the Raycast menu and search for ESV passage.
  2. Tab to the passage field and type in the passage you want to look up.
  3. Add a desired format (optional)
  • All: default formatting from the ESV API
  • Some: removes some of the default formatting
  • None: removes all formatting (the default if you don’t specify a format)
  1. Press the Enter key to run the script.

Full post here: ESV Bible Api Script for Raycast · Chris Pennington

For those requesting other versions, the trouble is I can’t find an API that allows multiple modern versions without getting permission from each publishing house. I’ll get something up for the Bible.api (American Bible Society API), but it would require you make individual requests to each Bible publishing house and then notify Bible.api with your key and permission. In the meantime, I hope this helps!


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Just wanted to make sure you saw my delayed post in case you’re still interested.