Evernote to DEVONthink Import

Hi, I’m trying to import notes from Evernote to DEVONthink.when I go to File/Import/Notes from Evernote, nothing happens. The library just records no notebooks. I’m probably missing something but don’t know what. Can anyone help with this, thanks

That would probably be more of a question for the DEVONtechnologies forum where you would get specific targeted help from support.

Yeah, I have tried to email their support but it gets rejected and doesn’t go through so I thought I’d try the community

If you are using Evernote 10, then the import will not work be cause Evernote 10 discontinued the use of AppleScript, on which the import depends.

What i did was

  • Uninstall Evernote 10
  • Install the Evernote legacy edition (from here)
  • Create a DEVONthink database just for my Evernote library
  • Import all notebooks into that DEVONthink database
  • Uninstall Legacy edition
  • Reinstall Evernote 10

From that point, you have a base of all Evernote notes to date. If you continue to use Evernote, then periodically export the post-import newer notes (.enex files) from Evernote 10 and import them to DEVONthink. You can only export 50 or fewer notes from Evernote 10 at a time. (This may be a Premium feature; not sure.)

I doubt we will ever see a return of AppleScript to this and future releases of Evernote.


Hi, many thanks. That certainly explains it


I notice there is a way to export an entire notebook – that might be useful.

@anon41602260 has succinctly given you the solution, FYI there are many postings and discussion on DEVON Technologies’ forum on importing from Evernote. Probably searching there for “Evernote” will bring up a lot of advice, especially for using DEVONthink after the import. DEVONthink is not Evernote.

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Usually their forum is very reactive and you have real people from tech support there :slightly_smiling_face:

I did this in a convoluted way. Transferred from Evernote to Apple Notes. Then transferred selected notes to DT. quick ref in Apple Notes, “encyclopedia type notes in DT**

Thanks again most helpful