Evernote v10 iOS and iPadOS - The Elephant is BACK!

Have been playing around with Evernote on iPad all morning. The recent update v10, makes the app a lot quicker, a lot nicer and I am rediscovering the benefits Evernote provided that I had forgotten about. Seems like the cute Elephant has been working behind the scenes to provide the Evernote experience for its users. This update will not convince people to move to Evernote but it will certainly make it a much better experience for existing users.


For more detailed:


That sounds very encouraging. The app being bloated and slow was a main reason that I know a lot of people disliked it.

Unfortunately, the news on Evernote and iOS isn’t all good. Greg Pierce, developer of Drafts, wrote this earlier:

For those that use Evernote with Drafts, be aware that the update to their iOS app that was released September 15, 2020, no longer supports the URL schemes or x-callback-urls supported by previous versions of their app.


Hopefully Evernote is going to get improved Shortcuts support, but removing x-callback-urls before that happens is unfortunate (at least for the power users).


Yes, this looks a really good update. The search function is much better - I used to get so annoyed with the old one, often searching for something and coming up blank because I was searching for a notebook rather than in all notes.

I know lots of people on here are anti-Evernote but it is still one of my most used apps and I find it invaluable in so many ways. I really can’t imagine being anywhere near as productive without it.


Now all that remains is to implement automatic wiki linking, end-to-end encryption, back links, graphs, block linking and maybe, just maybe, it might catch up with the current landscape…


Agreed on the above positive sentiments. I’ve been using the update for the past day and it’s reduced a lot of input friction points that it had in the past (at least in the iOS mobile versions). They are headed in the right direction.

As long as you’re happy, doesn’t matter what others think of the app :+1:.


Ouch. Why?!

I would be very mad about this (if I still used Evernote)…

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Have you heard about Work Chat?


From what I messed with you still couldn’t move the sort of your notebooks. Very frustrating and so simple, I don’t understand.

Still using Evernote since version 1 and I haven’t seen any app that does better article parsing. Plus, they have regional pricing so Evernote comes out real cheap in my country. Competing apps are priced higher.

Quiet happy with the new direction they are making and the updates to users on their roadmap. Hopefully they can restore that feature for power users.

I have gone back to Apple notes. I had a look, it told me I first started using it in 2008!.

Although I am not using it I have a fondness for Evernote and hope it does well. p.s… it needs end to end encryption.


Is anybody else facing a problem with conflicting notes. It’s kinda happening all the time since the upgrade, every time I edit a note on iOS/iPadOS.

I must’ve rolled the lucky dice right with this Evernote update, I’ve experienced ZERO of the problems others here and the r/Evernote sub on Reddit have reported. Not saying this to brag, but actually adding my voice to the discussion: this rollout of the new software seems to be very unstable for many users.

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I was a big EV user for a long time. But the failure of the iOS app to preview PDF files in a note just frustrates me. Especially after nearly 2 years of redesign and improvements and not thinking to add such a basic function. Apple Notes can do it and that’s where my allegiance now lies.


Full disclosure I’m a die hard Evernote junkie. I’m super excited about the under the hood changes, but less so about the UI. iOS seems fine, but on the mac Beta I’m not sold. It’s cleaner and easier to navigate, however, they put UI before function. I’ll get used to it eventually.

I think it is possible to like Evernote as a service and dislike the app. I have been using Evernote for close to 10 years and during that time better apps have come and gone, but nothing has matched the cross/platform functionality of evernote. I have never quite liked the app at any time, but despite all the friction, the reliability of the service has been unmatched. I have always been able to get the job done.


I found this interview insightful. I am optimistic on the next 12 months of Evernote. My current subscription expires April 2021.

Note: I sideloaded this interview on Castro so have not seen the visuals.

macOS and Windows versions went up.

No AppleScript on it.

But please be aware that there are a handful of features—such as AppleScript, import folders, and the ability to edit note creation dates—that are not yet available. If your workflow depends on these features, you can continue to use our legacy apps. Be sure to read our release notes, viewable both in the app store listings and in the app itself, for a summary of what’s new and what is coming soon in each release, or check out our Help & Learning articles for Windows and Macfor an up-to-date list.

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