Experience using manual/non-motorized treadmill while typing?

Dear MPUers,

has anyone experience using a manual (haha) or non-motorized treadmill while working and typing?

In theory, it should be very good as it does not need electricity and adapts perfectly to your speed. In practice, I never used one and don’t know, if it only works when “pushing against the handle”.

I’ve used one of these that definitely didn’t require a handle, but it wasn’t for working at the same time. If I were in the market, I’d look for manual ones that have that sort of concave dip in the middle.

Thanks for the pointer!
That does look very beautiful!
I am looking to buy a used one, and haven’t seen one of those yet. And, ideally, it should be small or foldable, so I can put it away when using the chair.

We used to have one (now we have a motorized one). No way it could have been used while typing as you have to push against a bar to get it to move underneath your feet, just like traditional treadmills for power generation.

Thank you, this is what I expected.

Now I can try to get a foldable electric one.

Still, the luxury variant that beck linked to will stay on my mind …

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I’m always good for suggesting a luxury variant!

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