Speaking of treadmills

Yesterday @Nils posted about using a non-motorized treadmill while typing and it got me wondering if there are folks here that use a treadmill while typing, or if you used to, and what your experience has been.

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I’ve been using a desk treadmill for nine years. During a former job, I used the treadmill a few hours a day when working from home–typically while processing emails or coding. These days, I use the treadmill for cardio, but I still do a fair amount of typing at the same time. I walk at 3.7 mph and don’t have any trouble typing at that speed. I will say, however, when I would use the treadmill while working on more mentally taxing tasks (typically related to coding), I would sometimes slow down to 3 mph, and that seemed to help me focus better.


I have my treadmill/walking pad now for about 3 weeks and can confirm that typing is feasible while walking.
“Mousing” is more difficult, but that’s ok for me, since I try to do most thing with just the keyboard.

Writing a document is perfect. I like walking while thinking and thinking while walking.
Coding is ok, if basically know what I am doing. If I have to google a lot inbetween, eg to find some hints on some lesser documented feature or integrate a new technology, it takes me muuuuch longer (3 weeks and 4-5 walking sessions in). I prefer to don’t use the treadmill for those tasks.

I think I cannot do meetings while walking. I usually have the camera on, and it would be very disturbing for the other participants to see me bobbing around. And my treadmill is also quite noisy.

I bought one of these and like it.

There’s a newer version but I like this one just fine. Takes up much less space than a treadmill.