External displays blanking after static electricity discharge


At my office, I have my MacBook Pro (15", 2015) connected to two external displays. I have the same set up at home. For some reason, my office is a static electricity breeding ground. Whenever I get up from my computer and sit back down, I’ve built up static electricity that discharges the moment I touch my Mac. Then the external displays blank for several seconds and sometimes I have to do trackpad athletics to get them to come back on. Is there a way to prevent the screens blanking?

If I’m on top of my game, I remember to discharge the static electricity before touching my Mac. But I’m not always on top of my game. Too many other things to remember.

It’s not a crisis as far as computer problems go, but curious if anyone’s dealt with this and/or has a solution.


Have you considered a small humidifier in your office? That would certainly help reduce static buildup.


There are also anti-static sprays for the carpet and furniture fabric that can eliminate static build up.


I’m going to try the humidifier. It is quite dry in my office. Thanks!


I did hear about these sprays but they seem quite expensive. Maybe I was looking at one that had industrial applications. I will take another look at these. Thanks!