Fastest way to connect AirPods/HomePod to iPadOS or iOS?

What’s the fastest way to connect either AirPods or a HomePod to play music from iPadOS or iOS?

Currently I swipe Control Center in and long press the sound option and then toggle to wherever I want the sound to output. Is there a faster way?

See my thread about my shortcut not working with Siri. That’s the shortcut I use to connect to HomePod. I have it set as a widget and also saved to my home screen. It’s fewer taps so seems faster. For connecting to AirPods I just take them out of case and put them in my ears, they almost always automatically connect faster than any action I might take to speed up the process. I did make a widget but have only used it once or twice from the iPad.

I simply start to play on iOS then tap the ‘casting’ icon (don’t know its official name) and select the new output.


Alright I’ll check that out when I have time! Thanks for sharing!

With the AirPods especially, the thing is it sometimes connects to my other device than the one I want to use #firstworldproblem

Yeah that’s what I’m doing as well. But I wanted to go around those extra steps

Yeah, in that case use this Shortcut. Save to your home screen and/or as a widget. You’ll need to change the name of the AirPods I set it up to work with my AirPods!

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Hi @Denny how do I edit the name of the AirPods? It doesnt seem straightforward

You can change the name of your specific AirPods in the Bluetooth section of your settings app. If you’re just talking about changing the reference in the shortcut, I think you need to actually have them actively paired with your iPhone/iPad and open the shortcut. Then tap the name in the shortcut and it should prompt you to choose any of your connected devices… will list the AirPods, HomePods, etc.

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I changed the name of my PowerBeats Pro to my phone number, with the idea that if one gets lost someone finding and pairing might be able to return it. (On the downside, I’m broadcasting my phone number to anyone doing local BlueTooth sniffing, but that hasn’t caused any issues yet.)

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Thanks that did it. I also created one for my HomePod and it works like a charm! Excellent! Thanks

Pro tip to enhance the shortcut: You can add the action “choose from menu” after the “set playback destination to …” action. The menu options can be your most used players, such as Music/Spotify, Podcast, Overcast, Audible etc.

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Hmm that’s actually really good possibly. Because I use the “Play podcast” action from Overcast all the time. If I could merge those two that might be useful.

But I can’t quite figure out how to do it though

Basically like this:

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