Favourite Home Gadget?

Hey everyone!

So having recently moved country, I’m redecorating my new place. Of course I’m going crazy with HomeKit (David’s offered to pull me back if I go too far :laughing:), but I was wondering what your favourite home gadget is. This can be anything from a nice clock, or a food processor or something along those lines! Of course, I’ll take “smart” recommendations too, but I do have plenty of that stuff already :wink:

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Vitamix a3500 + the smoothie blender cup attachment
August smartlock
anova sous vide wifi
wemo mini
ecobee thermostat
hue lights / lightstrips
chamberlain myq garagedoor opener

Kinda just a brain dump. Hope it’s helpful.


A Stand Mixer is one of those “you never knew how much you needed it until you owned one” type of kitchen gadgets. I can’t tell you how many different things I’ve made mine. And I’m not a great chef or even that good of a cook really, but having one of these made cooking at home (especially during this quarantine) a lot more enjoyable.


I really want one of these! I’m quite short on counter space at the moment, but as soon as my redecorating is done I’ll be able to shuffle things in my kitchen and hopefully fit one in.


Brain dumps are great!

I already have the Hue lights and light strip (is anyone surprised?), but none of the rest. I’m debating the smart lock a lot, I have two entrances and practically only use one which does make it cheaper…

I have a nifty idea for the thermostat as I don’t have central heat - but I’ll save that until it’s done!


I have the same issue, and I stow mine in a below counter compartment when not in use. Otherwise I would proudly display it if I could :smile:

There’s even less of that! :laughing:

But, I have two weeks to turn this place into a somewhat unpacked mess into a redecorated and hopefully organised home - shuffling items in the kitchen is in my task manager!

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I love my Instant Pot. I bought it 4 years ago just as a stand in while my kitchen was being remodelled and used it most days ever since. So many functions in one piece of equipment, I wish I’d bought the top of range model now.

And another vote for a Kitchen Aid stand mixer


Definitely the 2 OSRAM-BT-Lightstrips under our Bed, Have elevated our Love-Life tremendously! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

+1 for Instant Pot. I’m on my second generation. (I gave my first one to my sister.) It’s wonderful for making perfect hard boiled eggs, and indispensable in winter for making the best vegetable soups.

Also look into high quality cast iron pans – a couple sizes.

For decorating, consider installing a picture hanging rail. Like a STAS system or similar. If you have too little room for the things you want to display, create a gallery space with a hanging rail above it so you can easily change out what’s displayed.


I have an instant pot! I’ve seen enough reviews and recommendations that I bought that before moving in :laughing:


My favourite gadget is my Denon 2600H receiver. It plays really well with AirPlay and AppleTV and is an unbelievably powerful piece of kit. The sound and image quality is astounding, it was the best thing I’ve bought for my home setup and has made music and moves such a better sensory experience.


I presume I would need speakers with this? I currently have a Bose soundbar and a very small room so it works pretty well (as much as a soundbar can!).


Yes, I have it hooked up to a set of Bose Acoustimass 10 speakers.


A rice cooker. Initially bought for … rice but it now also runs on a timer every morning for perfect porridge/oatmeal. Ours is this one but I imagine plenty of others would work fine too.

A Vornado fan. The whole “vortex” thing really works and makes a huge difference on hot summer days. Also great if you do indoor cycling or other high intensity exercise.

Both purchases I never expected to be as useful as they are.


Just one?!

Two things come to mind. In each case, the device would be amazing without any Wifi or Bluetooth connection, but I am really impressed that the tech element of each device works reliably! This is not always the case, with Kitchen stuff anyway…

I keep a list of my HomeKit stuff here but it sounds like you are covered there… My Favorite Tech.


And in a shot from left field I’ll say that ovens regardless of size with steam will become the standard in the near future.

Over a year ago I purchased the Sharp Superheated Countertop oven. My wife was pissed because we already had the Breville toaster oven.

But the difference is the water reservoir injects moisture back into some foods. Reheated pizza comes out with the cheese melted properly. Dry foods that should have moisture are resurrected. I haven’t found it successful with vegetables for some reason. The ads show veggies coming out perfectly carmelized but that’s not my experience quite honestly.

If I had to rebuy today I probably would chose the Balumuda because I’m a sucker for aesthetics



Great recommendation! I got my first “pro” series of rice cooker and I simply cannot use anything else for rice and steaming veggies now.


The best gadget I have ever bought. Ninja foodi health grill and air fryer. I use it every day.


Brevile toaster oven - do most of my baking for 2 with it
Sous vide
Induction cooktop - better than gas
Touch free faucet - turn on water with messy hands
Electric smoker - better temperature control
Ring doorbell - my wife feels much more secure with it
Water leak sensor - prevented major damage when we were on a trip
Keypad door lock - more control over access than keys
WiFi thermostat - adjust for trip and get house warm/cool before return