Favourite podcast episodes

Expanding the discussion from Podcast download as mp3 (or anything else for offline listening):

Outside of manually downloading (as discussed in the linked thread), how do you manage “favourite” podcast episodes (if at all)?

Castro provides a handy Starred feature, but I can’t use Castro for its lack of playlists.

Overcast provides starring, but doesn’t allow you to see a list of the episodes you starred (as far as I know).

Like the solutions in the linked thread, my current workaround is downloading those episodes to a synced folder and then side-loading them into Overcast, but this removes the episodes from their contexts (and some of their metadata). It also requires some complicated actions to download and then serve up the saved episodes.

Any other ideas? (Ideally in Overcast, although I would be willing to switch if someone had a way of managing both multiple playlists and favourites in another app.)

Yeah, I’m baffled about Overcast and how starring works. It seems obvious that a Starred episode should have an automatic playlist attached to it.

In Overcast, I simply create a separate starred playlist and put anything I like in there.

I was just looking at that option. It seems the best way within Overcast. I have a couple questions based on your experience:

Do played episodes in that playlist disappear? Ideally they stick around forever, in my use case.

Then: the workflow is kinda terrible, eh? You have to star the episode, then go into the Favourites playlist and scroll through every downloaded episode sorted alphabetically-by-playlist in order to find the newly-starred one and tick it. Is there another way that I’m missing?

I use Overcast to subscribe to podcasts. It auto downloads all new episodes. The playlist is (I believe) the default ”All episodes”.

Sometimes I rearrange the play order, if I am in the mood for lighter or more technical content.

I delete manually, but this can be changed too.

Unsure why you would keep them all, I struggle to get through them all once :slight_smile: Also, they remain in the feed, so you can always re-download later.

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I don’t use the star because it serves no purpose. When I listen to an episode and want to keep it in a playlist, I simply add it to that playlist immediately.

Played episodes do not disappear. It’s just noted as played. It only goes away if you manually take it out of the playlist or delete the episode.

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@airwhale Not all. There’s a few select episodes that are instructive or insightful—I relisten the same way you might reread a book or use reference material. E.g., Getting Things Done 3 - David Allen guides you through a GTD® Mind Sweep

@pkondo That seems okay. Thanks for the info! Now if only there was a way to add specific episodes to playlists directly from the episode…

Yeah, you have to come out of the episode and into the list of episodes and then click on the episode to get the hidden menu which gives you the share sheet, the star, the add to playlist and delete buttons. I assume you know this but just wanted to double check. Definitely seems like an oversight. Again, the star button could be a lot better than it is.

I’ve tried so many podcast apps and Overcast just makes so much more sense than every other app to me. But the star has me baffled.

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I had forgotten about the “Add to Playlist” button! That speeds things up a bit. Thanks!