Podcast download as mp3 (or anything else for offline listening)

I’d like to save my favorite podcast episodes (f.e. Mpu or programming by stealth) in a format that I can listen to anytime. I was thinking mp3?!?

I just don’t know how to.
Any ideas?

Python and wget, perhaps?

Podcast episodes are almost always already in mp3 already.

Relay.fm has a link to download the mp3 under each episode

Click the “MP3” link and it will download.

If you have an RSS feed, you could parse that and download all of the episodes with a shell script.

This will show all of the mp3s in a given feed:


 curl -sfLS "$FEED" \
| egrep 'enclosure.*\.mp3' \
| sed 's#.*http#http#g ; s#.mp3" .*#.mp3#g'

Just replace https://www.relay.fm/mpu/feed with whatever RSS/podcast feed you want to see the mp3s for, and it should work for most of them.

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Hmmm… that’s a good one. I’ll try to see if the nosillacast also does that for “programming by stealth”

Thanks TJ!

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Use the Overcast app and tel it to download the shows. You can tell it how many and what to keep etc

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