FineWoven iPhone 15 cases - I am disappointed

I intend to order an iPhone 15 Pro Max.

For years, I have been using cases for my iPhone. And I always went for Apple’s own cases, even with their price point. I really like the leather cases.

Yesterday, AppleInsider released this hands-on video:

They were … on the fence.

Well, I just received my FineWoven case. And I probably will return it.

I have no idea how Apple possibly could think that this is a worthy replacement for a leather case.

The back has a “silky” feeling to it according to some reviewers. I get why those reviewers do label it this way. As far as I am concerned, “silky” is a description that does not do this material justice. Why? Because silk feels amazingly smooth and has a noble connotation to it. Apple’s fine-woven material longs to be that way, but I do not think that it really delivers in this matter. It is very fine-woven material like a high-end microfiber cloth. I am not so sure how this material will age in daily use… And yes, it loves to pick up dust, like AppleInsider has hinted. The material ends on the back-side. The sides are… plastic. Just plastic. It looks fine, but it still is plastic.

So, “Mother Nature” may come back in next year’s video presentation and while I totally get Apple’s efforts to improve their footprint, to me there is a border for me as a customer that has been crossed here: their leather replacement is in no way a replacement. And while I get that leather has its price (especially when being produced in a responsible manner), this case from partly recycled materials is not worth $59 (€69 for me) as far as I am concerned. If it was from a third party, this case feels as if a price point of about $19 is right. With Apple tax, $29 should have been enough. But $59? No. I am hoping for good third-party leather cases that are as good as the ones from Apple have been before. That is a pity because I trusted Apple to choose wisely from whom they get the leather, which many third parties will not do.

I am disappointed.


I’ve been there. But there is a world of 3rd party accessories that are frequently equal or superior to those from Apple, and normally at a fraction of the cost.


This is case/wallet has served me well through a couple of iterations of iPhone. Bexar Goods

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Yep, same thoughts here. I immediately returned mine. The FineWoven choice is a big misstep IMHO. Went with the silicone until I can spend some time researching a solid leather option.

I agree, but typically the Apple option is good. It sounds like that’s not really the “case” here. :slight_smile:


True. But I swore off most Apple accessories after two “disappointments” in a row. The last being an $80 iPad folio case that started coming apart after a few months. I replaced it with an almost identical $18 case that shows no wear after more than 2 years.

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I’m sorry, but Apple has absolutely no interest in reducing their footprint, apart from the appearance of it. They are a trillion dollar company looking to increase profits. If they really wanted to reduce their footprint their products would have replaceable components so the whole thing isn’t scrapped for a new model and they wouldn’t be lobbying against the right to repair your device.

Multinational business and care for the environment is like oil and water.


Leather can be biodegradable, depending on the tanning process. The FineWoven cases contain plastic which is not biodegradable. So quite possibly the leather cases are the best for the environment. And this zero-carbon claim requires that forests be planted, which should be done regardless of the iPhone cases being made.


I’m sorry, but Apple has absolutely no interest in reducing their footprint, apart from the appearance of it. They are a trillion dollar company looking to increase profits.

A bit too cynical, I think, though I’d agree that Apple are as selective as any other huge corporation about what they will and won’t do to help the environment.

Some parts of reducing their footprint save them serious money: e.g. reducing energy use or even avoiding higher taxes. They’re accountable to shareholders and employees many of which are genuinely committed to reducing carbon use. They sell to many market sectors which are genuinely committed too: and it’s a way of justifying the Apple tax and building the brand identity. They fear consumer perception and/or government regulation switching against them and are probably particularly vulnerable to it. It might be about increasing their profits but I think Apple is absolutely committed to reducing carbon footprint and being environmentally friendly and at least is more transparent than many about what they are doing.

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But just a bit, IMO. I worked for a Fortune 50 company in the 80’s & 90’s and recognize corporate greed when it shows its face. I believe Apple truly believes in going green and also, for example, in privacy as long as it works to their benefit.

But things like their fight to keep total control of the App store and their transfer of user data to China shows that continued growth is their top priority.

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I checked the FineWoven cases yesterday and was unimpressed.

The material difference between the back and the borders is very strange.
The case feels cheap. I’m glad there’s plenty of 3rd-party options.

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That seems to be the general consensus.

"Went out for dinner with friends last night and set my phone on the table. Like I have done HUNDREDS of times since 2008.

Woke up this morning with a stain on the FineWoven case. :expressionless:

I honestly think this is the worst accessory Apple’s ever produced and I may just throw this out now. (Great for the environment!)".

This is quite an endorsement… Not… Still worth reading (Chance Miller explains his rather strong view and he shows it in pictures):

I’ve only just received the FineWoven case for my iPhone 15 Pro, but after putting it on the phone I don’t see what all the fuss is about (except for the point that it contains plastic, which I hadn’t realized). It feels fine to hold and not at all flimsy, though time will tell how well it lasts. As for the staining issue, I’ve always tried to avoid putting my phone on a restaurant table unless there was a clean spot for it, even when it was in a leather case. I liked the leather cases, too, but I think I can live without them.

Poor pooch, seems miserable

I got a new iPhone 15 Pro a couple weeks ago, and ordered the silicone case for it. I checked out the fine woven cases at my local Apple Store, but even the ones on display looked scratched. I was going to get the Finewoven wallet, but after seeing the cases decided to stick with my black leather MagSafe FindMy wallet.

Now we have Joanna Stern from the WSJ posting what many others have experienced:

“Here it is. My iPhone 15 Pro Max’s FineWoven case. Peeling edges, scratches and browning like a rotten banana.”

This is quite possibly the worst Apple product ever launched.

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Certainly one of the worst, but it is the least expensive bad product. So minimized wallet drain.

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Having had the green Finewoven case since release day back last September, I find all this talk a bit baffling. I liked the leather case better, but this case is fine. I don’t have any peeling, or scratches. It is worn where the Magsafe wallet attaches. Not brown though, its more of a grey in places. It doesn’t look great, but it’s not really bad either. It just looks like a slightly worn phone case. It’s a perfectly fine case.

Edit: looking at the picture of it, there is a scratch it appears under the Apple, but it is less noticeable in person.