First Pic of Cook Wearing Vision Pro-But My Question is …

As far as I know, this is the first and only public picture of Tim Cook wearing the Vision Pro. Not a great look. :wink:

But my question is, “Why does he have pictures sitting on his office floor?” :thinking:

For those interested, the picture is from this article:

I like this quote from the article:

And he knows right then and there what this all means. Like the universe is telling him something. He knows that this is the future of computing and entertainment and apps and memories, and that this crude apparatus wrapped around his head will change everything. He knows Apple has to make this thing its next product category.

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Speaking as someone who has two frames sitting on the floor behind me right now, he probably just hasn’t gotten around to it yet!:joy:

Interesting that he’s a permanent standing desk person unless that’s the fanciest sit/stand desk ever.


More intriguing to me is the Auburn football helmet on the floor, as seen in the photo. I’m curious about what player wore it. :slightly_smiling_face:

I wonder if he swaps his pictures around as he fancies.

Lift off the one on the wall and switch it for one on the floor

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  1. He just moved into the office?

  2. He’s moving out of the office?

  3. He’s trying out some new pictures for his office?

A picture of Bobby Kennedy has been in his office for many years. T.C. joined the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights Board of Directors in 2016.


One of those would make sense, however, I assume that Apple is VERY careful with everything in a photo. It is a staged shot so I tend to believe that that is the way he keeps it; it is not in a state of transition. But, who knows! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m pretty sure they’re all waiting for Steve to come back.

And Jony Ive! :joy:

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Fantastic article!!!

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I thought so too. Well written, honest, informative, and balanced. Refreshing!

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Could be. The black framed picture directly below Kennedy looks familiar too, but I can’t see enough detail. (I was in school in the 60s and remember JFK and RFK).

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And what about the computer carrying case below the desk? Of course it will be made of expensive italian leather and whatnot but boy it looks so Dell, like a door to door encyclopedia salesman!

Note to add that surely the Apple PR team has designed the photo and scenario with excruciating detail in order to have us all pondering about this stuff.

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I’m more bothered by the fact that he does the same thing my wife does: place the Airpods right next to the case instead of in the case.

Nobody tell her, okay?


My son does that. Our dog loves him for it. Apple care is a must for him :man_facepalming:t2:

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Well now the question must be asked: what kind of music does your dog listen to? Or does it just stick to listening to MPU?


Oh that deployment of framed photos as a kind of backdrop behind the tabletop vignette of tchotchkes is absolutely intentional, as is the arrangement of everything in the photo. Including the AirPods, the apple, and their cast shadows at the edge of the frame and the light strip in the hallway outside of the office drawing our eye right to Cook’s head. I wouldn’t be surprised if whoever staged the photo took everything scattered hither and thither around the office and used it to balance some dead space in the frame—and perhaps draw our eye to the Kennedy photo as well. This was shot by professionals.


This is a real furniture trend.
Contemporary furniture offers the freedom to resort to even unexpected solutions, often very simple and yet precisely because of their originality they have a great effect.
A new dialogue, a sense of ‘temporary’ that has nothing precarious, but rather stimulates us to renew ourselves to change places for objects without fear of leaving empty holes or halos on the walls.
It may be because of that atmosphere that immediately makes a painter’s studio or that easy-chic air.
… or has simply just changed offices …

Respectfully (to both you and the article author), I really don’t think this is how Tim thinks. He was being interviewed about AR/VR stuff once and the example he came up with was projecting a spreadsheet between two people. I don’t see any evidence that he’s a product visionary type.

He obviously has people that work for him that are product visionaries. And Tim is rock-solid on handling all the details required to make those products a reality.

I would believe the above quote about Steve Jobs, not Tim Cook. :slight_smile:

Tim Cook is “no Steve Jobs,” but you could be underestimating Tim’s product chops. I suspect he learned a few things from Steve. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think Tim is a fantastic CEO, and he has a sense of how to make good, profitable products. I’m just saying that I don’t think he’s a visionary type of leader. In particular, I don’t think that the “visionary” stuff can really be taught. It’s enough that Apple has other people that are, and Tim is smart enough to get their ideas to market.