First sighting of an Apple Vision Pro in the wild. That was fast!

I was at a local coffee shop. A man wearing an Apple Vision Pro walked by me to approach the counter. When he walked by me the other way, I stopped him and said, “Do you like it?” with no preamble or introduction. He knew what I was talking about, of course. He said he did like it. He said he edits video and he had two screens open and also his email. I said, “Now? While we’re talking? While you were at the counter?” He said yes. He was wearing the Vision Pro the whole time.


Hmm. Why does this make me uncomfortable?

I don’t think I expected folks to use these in such public ways!


I’m not a Luddite; they don’t tend to frequent this forum :joy:, but I think that is terrible. I don’t want to be in a society with people walking around with VR contraptions on their heads. It strikes me as being dehumanizing and antithetical to building healthy communities.


I couldn’t wear an AVP out in public. I was taught to always be aware of my surroundings. I don’t even listen to spatial audio when I’m taking a walk.

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Honestly, if it’s well lit, you can move around like normal. It’s funny though, I had an app open over a real world window. I stood up and was standing in front of the app/window. My brain was not registering the real world window, as if the app was really blocking it like a blind. I hope my neighbors didn’t see me.


Because this is basically the beginning of The Matrix? :upside_down_face:


I would be afraid someone would snatch it off my head and run away with it. Seems like a good target for that.


Have you ever seen someone walk into an obstacle while looking at their phone? I have many times. I’ve also seen a young woman cut down a telephone pole with her car while she was texting.

Someone wearing an AVP type device has no peripheral vision and may also be listening to music, etc. That makes them a danger to themselves and possibly others.


Didn’t people make fun of the Apple AirPods, the same way when they were launched that they looked like odd things sticking out of your ear? And now they are everybody’s goto earbuds.

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Yeah but it’s not the same. You can walk around easily, but there is no reason to. People are doing it because they want the attention. This will never be a thing. I can see plane use though.

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and @Bmosbacker The most appalling thing when Apple announced the Vision Pro were the scenes of parents interacting with their children while wearing it.



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I don’t know that it’s the exact same by any means, but I’m reminded when wearing headphones/bluetooth devices in your ear all the time was “weird”. Here we are when that’s COMPLETELY normal everywhere.

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I don’t think this prediction will age well. History tells us that time and technology march on. If “this” is the current iteration of ski goggles, then I agree. If “this” is AR/VR in a smaller form factor that you can wear all the time (especially for AR), then I think time will prove you wrong on this one.

Feel free to call me out if I’m wrong – I’ll owe you a beverage of your choice! :slight_smile:


I mean wearing the current version and out about will never be a thing. In the future, powerful Meta Ray Ban glasses will be a thing. Here and now, you just won’t see people walking around with them. Heck, in a month this won’t even be a thing, outside the occasional attention seeker.

I have a trip in June where I need to fly. I have though about if I will even bring them then. I am leaning towards no because I don’t want to risk breaking them with the whole security mess.

You are right – I think the excitement on the current iteration will die down in the near future.

Funny you are thinking of not bringing it on the plane. If I had the AVP and I could git it in my carryon with whatever else I was bringing, there’s no way I would leave it. Security won’t break the AVP (in my humble opinion) and I would love to use it on the airplane! Complete privacy (and no I’m not doing anything inappropriate for public consumption on the plane, it’s just nice), better/bigger screen? SIGN ME UP.

I had to fly into Denver last year and they were far worse than any other airport I went to. They wanted every electronic’s case opened, in a tray, and on the belt. So I had my Steam Deck, an iPad, a laptop, my iPod Max, phone, etc on the belts to be scanned. Then I had to do the full body scanner, which took longer than I expected. By the time I was done, all my electronics were just sitting in trays waiting and anyone could have taken them. it freaked me out a little bit.

I am not flying to Denver this year, but it scared me enough that I won’t be bringing my expensive stuff. If it was a long international flight, I would be more tempted to risk it.

I am skeptical how practical it is to use Vision Pro as a primary monitor(s).

But I must admit this is an intriguing video.


Surely everything that goes on is on video and if theft occurs the thief can be identified. I really doubt that’s a major concern.

I find it wonderful that it seems the Vision Pros are so good that people are walking around the streets wearing them.

I also find it terrible that people are walking around the streets wearing them.