‎Flex Widgets App

This is probably the most versatile widget editor I have seen yet. Any sane person would highly recommend checking it out!

For context, the app was released earlier today.

Does it only let you change the appearance and static text of the widge- or is it also versatile as to what actual information the widget can display?

Check the app out for yourself. Research it online. It is much more versatile than you probably think. :slight_smile:

I read everything I can find - all the articles and the pictures emphasize how great it is at designing the iconography/typeface of the widgets.

Hence my question.

Well, yes. You can change the actual information that the widget can display.

Can it go beyond basic stuff like weather and time? Can you configure it to display data from any arbitrary app or from code that you write yourself?

This information appears to be on the App Store description.

Wow! Thank you for sharing this app!