Foundation on Apple TV+ (Spoiler Alert)

The premiere episode first two episodes of Season 1 of Foundation were released today (24-9-2021) on Apple TV+. I haven’t watched yet, but I have anticipated this for a long time. The original Foundation trilogy was a huge favorite for me. I hope Apple has been faithful to the books.


I think they even released two episodes today (episode 3 next week).

Planning to watch them tonight.


I’ve been waiting for this! Thanks for the notice!


Gah, I have completely failed to finish these books! This year went quickly. Yes, I know I should’ve read them years ago; I do like Asimov…

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Read the books first. I watched a couple of seasons of The Expanse and then started the book series. The video series bolluxed the stories in the books, which are far more interesting and detailed, with much more interesting relationships between the characters. I quit watching the series and just stuck with the books. But the videos are like an earworm messing with the story in my head.

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I’ve bought an Apple TV mainly for this show :eyes:

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And here I was thinking, after all these decades, I was the ONLY one to have read and loved these books. Thanks a lot guys!

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I think there are more explosions in just the TV trailer than there are in ALL of the books. :slightly_smiling_face:


Indeed, I’ll approach it with some fears :stuck_out_tongue:

I get the impression that the TV series is kinda sorta loosely based on the books.

And that’s OK. The series is its own thing. Also, the books were written 80 years ago—they will benefit for updating for a modern audience.

However, the previews don’t look great. Too much sfx, mood, and people making speeches at each other, not enough character and story.

I’ll give it a try but I’ve set my expectations low.


That’s because explosions are less dramatic in books than on the big screen. :bomb:

What is sfx?

20 characters

sfx = Special Effects. Spaceships and whatnot. Eye candy, as opposed to story.

But I like eye candy AND story! Think Star Wars! :flying_saucer:

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Am I wrong in thinking you haven’t read many of Asimov’s Foundation novels?

You are not wrong, I have not read any of them. But I’ve heard great things about them so I’m looking forward to the movies. I have a long list of books to read which are non-fiction so unfortunately I’m not going to be able to get to Foundation.

Respect and enjoy the peace.

First episode, 68% on the tomatometer. It is an odd combination of rapidly moving and slowly dragging plot lines. Got to wrap up book one in the first hour. Gaal Dornick might have been thinking to herself that she wished she entered a different contest.


The first 3 episodes landed here.

Watched the first one: it is not going to be a disaster like Dune.

I am interested to see what perspective they take. Starship Troopers, the film, was nothing like the book but was still excellent.

I agree the Expanse books are great; still, the series is very well done, if different, and the first two series especially are a bit confusing if you have the books in your head. I would definitely read the books first for the reasons you outline. As an audio-visual experience, the Expanse is streets ahead of most sci-fi productions.

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BAAAA! No way. The movie was horrid not even close to the one chaoter ir purported to be about. The book excellent and a re-read regularly for me.

I am fearful of the whole Foundation as a TV series concept given how utterly horrid most of the Dune adaptations have been and how much I loved the books.