From city to suburbs: Office Setup 2019

Last year I posted about my office setup:

I recently moved from the broken down borough I lived in to the suburbs in a nice, quiet, development.

I only had one bedroom at the old place which was definitely bigger than where I am now, but this place has two bedrooms, thus my new office.

I’ve got some mechanical schematic canvases on the wall, my Steelcase chair, and a new addition, my HomePod. Have my work MacBook Pro on the KALLAX bookshelf that I’ve laid on its side.

I really like having separation between work and play.

I also now have an awesome TV setup with a 49" 4K HDR TV from LG and the 4K Apple TV 32gb. Should have gotten the 64gb as I signed up for Arcade.

I put a cheap light strip behind it and automate it (as well as most everything in my apartment) during evening watching.

I dig it.


Cool set-up. Love peeking in and seeing it.

Still loving your DAS Keyboard?

Yep! I love it. I can get along with any keyboard to be honest. But this one is faster to type on for me.

When I read the title I thought this was going to be about using Excel in the suburbs. :rofl:


Same here… I was curious was suburban Excel looked like :slight_smile:

Nice office set-up though…


I have to use Word and Excel and pretty much every MS tool at work…

That said, I could have called it a studio like David. LOL