Fujitsu ScanSnap and Mojave

CleanMyMac X shows all the Fujitsu ScanSnap apps as 32 bits. Can anyone on the Mojave betas share their experience or any news on this topic please.

32-bit apps work on Mojave, but apps sold in the MAS must be 64-bit to run “without compromise,” according to Apple - whatever that means. Word is that the next version of macOS, in a year’s time, will only run 64-bit apps.

Thanks Bowline. But I’ve read somewhere that in Mojave some 32-bit apps may run in a compromissed way. And that worries me.

Apple told devs this past spring that High Sierra apps needed to be in 64 bit to run “without compromise” but my understanding is that that was a general warning and did not specify ‘compromises’. With 10.13.4 Apple starting showing alert boxes to consumers (to nudge devs more forcefully) saying that the app they’re running is 32-bit “and needs to be updated by the developer to improve compatibility.” Again, no specifics.

It’s clear Apple is going to make macOS 64-bit in a year’s time, but there is zero evidence that any time soon your 32-bit app will fail to perform.

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I am hoping that with David’s and Katie’s relationship with Fujitsu, they could find out if there will be a 64bit version of the ScanSnap Manager so products like my ScanSnap S1300 will continue to work correctly in the coming years. I would like this to be a question for an upcoming MPU Plus.

Do they really have any direct contact with Fujitsu at this point? Relay handles all the ad sales (you might have better luck asking Myke Hurley).

Fujitsu isn’t going to be updating the software for the S1300.

Thanks scottj. MPU should be really clear about which Fujitsu scanners that they are promoting. I am hoping that Fujitsu will be continuing full support for the S1300i ( in the future. I just pushed a friend who uses Windows to buy one only three months ago.

I just spoke to Tech Support at Fujitsu and was told that they were absolutely working on a 64bit version of the ScanSnap Manager and it wouldn’t be very long. At a bare minimum he was absolutely sure that they would have a 64bit version available well before Apple had a version of macOS that refused to work with 32bit apps.

I feel much more confident now.

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Update from me: updated to Mojave - no problems with the old ScanSnap-Software (Manager v6.3) and the S1300i. :+1:

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Anyone updated and using a ix500? Particularly if you are using OCR and then Hazel rules, etc…

Just saw the other thread…