FYI - Fantastical Premium is currently 75% off

Spotted on the flexibits website

Direct link to offer: Flexibits

I wouldn’t re-subscribe for the full price again, but with 75% off I might


Also mentioned in the March 2022 Hardware/Software Sales and Deals thread.

Great deal indeed!

(Just like you I would probably not subscribe for the full price, but at this level it is a no-brainer for me)

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But it’s only for one year?

Yes, it seems to be only for the “first year”.

It would be great if this was the new regular price (then a no-brainer for me), but I’m not sure that’s viable for them.

I also might well re-subscribe. If it’s only 1 year at 75% off then fine. In that time I can decide if I’m going to get the full-price value.

(Last time I subscribed I wasn’t on Outlook but HCL Notes - so couldn’t get enough benefit. Now I’m on Outlook I might well be able to. 75% off gives me the chance to actively re-evaluate.)

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I’ve been moving away from Fantastical one small step by one small step to Google Calendar because I never quite got the hang of switching between views. Google Calendar has pretty much replaced Fantastical on iOS for me. I still find Fantastical useful on the Mac though.

Fantastical is fantastic (hah) — I rarely use anything else to create calendar events (sometimes Drafts for bill event creation). I’m less thrilled by how it shows my day and week, but I can always use Calendar for that.

I keep thinking I might subscribe to premium … but I have yet to need anything the regular app can’t do.

What do people use premium for?

I use the Calendar view switcher and subscribed to a few calendar (like Formula 1 and holidays). Right now, I have work and personal. I can toggle on/off a few calendar set in those views.

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There are a lot of nice things about premium, but heavy calendar set use is big for me: creating a bunch (I’m using eight of the keyboard shortcuts), having them available everywhere, and using different sets to filter down to the best information on my watch and iPhone widgets.

There’s a whole list on their site. I think I use just about every premium feature but travel time blocking and the Cardhop Premium benefit.

If you are a truly heavy scheduler at work you probably want to use a professional tool (e.g. a recruiting or sales CRM), but in the middle between light/casual calendar use and heavy professional workflow use, it’s great.


Since I have a Setapp subscription, I’ve tried to move to BusyCal or InstaCal. I always end up back at Fantastical. The Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and WebEx integrations do it for me. Scheduling is a nice feature addition – especially since Doodle has been problematic for me lately.


I have grandfathered v2 features for free (on all platforms), but use these newer Premium features now:

  • Joining online meetings (for a lot of different services)
  • Templates for adding new entries

(I know both features can be handled using other Apps, but it’s nice to do it within Fantastical)

And with pandemic measures being lifted over here, I hope to use the Proposals feature this year, to finally plan some social activities with friends again.


I think that’s the crux of it — I’m grandfathered as well. I keep thinking I might like the templates, and maybe the proposals, but so far not enough on their own to subscribe.

75% off for one year… or…
37.5% off for two years… or…
25% off for three years… etc.

That’s net, of course. You’ll still have to pay the full price in those subsequent years, but maybe this perspective will help some decide if they want to take this offer while sticking it out beyond that first year.


If I subbed monthly, it is $1.25/month, which is after 75% off. Does that mean I pay $1.25 every month even after one year??? :slight_smile:

There is no T&C on this. Sounds like it is $1.25 for as long as I am subbed.

Well I did resubscribe but now find my Outlook is blocked from populating Fantastical. I doubt my administrators will unblock it.

Oh well.

You can still access your Outlook calendar from the mobile phone as Fantastical access the local calendar on the phone. You lose out on those fancy scheduling features but, you do get a lot of nice features from Fantastical.

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Thanks. So that’s what I’ll probably do - but on iPad as well.

Safety! Because a properly secured iPhone is such a security risk. :roll_eyes:

I assumed @MartinPacker was referring to a company M365 account. We cannot access ours anywhere except in the Outlook app itself. There is a block on any other software, including iOS/iPadOS/macOS logging in. It’s infuriating, as I have to put my personal email into Outlook so I can see my personal calendars at the same time as my work ones. Outlook won’t let you turn off mail and just see calendars.

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I just put relevant work appointments into my personal calendar. It takes a little extra effort, but luckily I don’t have a ton of meetings. I figure, if they aren’t going to make it easy, I still get to decide how to handle my own calendar.

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Sounds like you all need to get the squeaky-wheel executives you know to want to use Fantastical!