Games on macOS & IOS

This might not be a topic for very productive Power Users and I know that this forum is almost only about covering productivity, automation, etc. … but from time to time, when I am not being productive and just want to relax and not even read … I would not like to play an excessive violently game (don’t mind shooting a bit around but I do not need to see parts of bodies flying around) and not necessarily only “jump-and-run” game. I rather play either relaxing type of puzzles or more strategically, planning games. I was wondering if and what the rest of this from group is playing.

Currently I am only having two games I am playing once in a while, so I definitely need to expand that list :wink:

Any recommendations are highly welcomed.


Currently I really enjoy „Pocket City“, a Sim City like city simulation game, on my iPad. It does not come with any in-app purchase crap and is very relaxing. Just one warning, it can be a huge time killer if you try to build the whole city in one day.

  • Stardew Valley can be fun if you are into that kind if game. Should fit well into the planning and relaxing part
  • Alltos Odysee although that is more jump and run
  • Mini Metro also fits nicely into planning
  • Civ 6 is an amazing port of the full Civ experience, although a little expansive if not on sale

I quite like AG Drive, fast paced and fun. It requires some time to get the initial equipment to a usable state. A little worried about the lack of updates in a while though.

Another game I keep coming back to is Zen Pinball. I have spent **a lot ** on additional tables, and really enjoy how they feel while playing. I find the franchise tables are usually much better than the generic Zen products.

FYI Pocket Tactics is a great site that looks at iOS/Android games.

With Apple’s having recently ended its iOS app affiliate commission program we’re unfortunately sure to see much less attention paid on sites like PT and AppAdvice, though. :cry: