General App vs specialized app recipe edition

Im a foodie. I like to cook. I collect recipes from all over the web.

Have been using evernote to store recipes for a long time but Im just over evernote changing, regressing and making my workflow obsolete. So I am looking for options, the top two being DevonThink and Apple Notes. I am wondering what peoples thoughts are on “general notes” type apps versus specialized apps like Paprika Recipe manager.

Does anyone collect recipes in any of these apps? Anyone use Paprika? Would love some opinions and experiences.


Been a Paprika user for years. I really like the import feature from websites. Always does a great job including importing a pix of the food item. If I need to enter a recipe manually I usually use my Mac for the better keyboard. It the syncs to my iPad for use in the kitchen. Before Paprika I just used Word or text files but organization became a problem.

One feature I like is being able to export all my recipes as a web page. That way I can easily share recipes with friends and family.

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I cannot recommend Paprika enough. My wife and I have used it for the past seven years. I’m on some platforms she’s on windows and android. It’s fabulous. I can’t imagine using anything else.

I really, really liked Paprika and I still think it’s a great app but as soon as Crouton releases a Mac version I’ll be switching. In the past the Paprika developers have been extremely responsive to feedback, it took a while but they eventually implemented two of the features I asked for; unfortunately, that is no longer the case.

Their stopped using their Twitter account nearly two years ago and they have yet to respond to an email I sent them in November. They are still releasing updates so they haven’t just vanished but they don’t seem be taking support for existing customers very seriously and that makes me worry for the company and their sustainability. I love the app but it’s difficult to feel confident about their future, at least for me.

Darn, this is bad news! I hadn’t noticed the support slowdown but also haven’t asked for any. It’ll be a good test to see if they make a native M1 app.

Hopefully they just have limited resources right now while they get through all of this like the rest of us but abandoning Twitter well before 2020 came through is what concerns me that there’s a larger issue.

Meanwhile I asked the Crouton devs if they had the feature I requested from Paprika and they immediately that they didn’t but it was a great idea and they would look into it.

I was looking for a basic deep linking feature to get directly to a recipe.