Getting the Dock to move on multiple monitors

I may be bringing old news but I finally discovered how to move the dock reliably from one of my three monitors to another. You move the cursor near the bottom of the desired monitor then gently move it to the bottom. The dock will come over right away. If you do it too quickly the deck will just stay where it is. Now, I wish I could just have a dock at the bottom of all three monitors, but this is an adequate work-around.


You can use Keyboard Maestro to crate a floating window palette of open apps as well. You c an also have a floating dock that has a group of your most used apps.

Hit a keyboard shortcut and the floating dock will appear where your cursor is currently located at. It won’t matter which monitor your cursor is located.


Me too. Those movements and few seconds to move the dock really add up over the course of a day.

My biggest gripe with it: This only works with the dock position at the bottom and not left/right.

This is probably just me but with Alfred and Spotlight I find the Doc pointless. I have it hidden and never use it. With 1-3 keystrokes in Alfred or Spotlight I can open pretty much anything I need. This may be just my workflow needs but honestly, I don’t ever seem to need the Doc. In fact, if there was a way to hide it on my iPad I would.

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I work the same. To me the Dock is just a way to show me badge notifications and catch apps that remained open for no reason. It’s hidden most of the time.

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If you auto-hide the dock and keep it on the bottom, it shows up on the currently active monitor. Auto-hiding isn’t for everyone though, only for those who follow the One True Dock Way :stuck_out_tongue:

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You can have the dock on your external monitors, look at “Displays have separate Spaces” in the Mission Control preference pane. This action does have some consequences, which I don’t recall at the moment.

Seems like someone should make an app that will bring up the dock wherever your mouse is.

Maybe something like that already exists and I’ve forgotten about/don’t know about it.

Is there a KM script or something that can FORCE apps to open on my main monitor instead of the secondary regardless of if there is an instance of that app already on the secondary monitor?

It is so annoying I am considering just going to a single monitor.

for example, I keep a couple of firefox windows open on my secondary monitor. when I right click on the dock icon to open a new window I have chase it to the second monitor and drag it back to the primary monitor. I want every window of ever application to open in the center of my primary screen. is there a way to do this?

I have checked my system preferences and my screen setup is correct.

I don’t think so… I don’t use multiple screens that often anymore, so I’m not sure.

I would have assumed they would open on the primary screen, i.e. wherever the dock and menu bar are (although now you can have the menu bar on all the screens, I think).

FWIW, I use Rectangle (free, replacement for Spectacle, native on M1 and Intel) which has a keyboard shortcut for “Move Window To Other Screen” which I used a lot when I did use 2 monitors.

Personally I found that I came to prefer one big screen to two, even though there are lots of advantages to having a second screen as a place to put stuff you just want to ‘keep an eye on’. I will still do it sometimes with my 12.9" iPad Pro in portrait mode next to my 27" monitor, but not often.

I had this problem with the Xcode documentation window - I wanted the Xcode editor on my main screen and the documentation on the secondary screen - and I never solved it.

I found this topic when searching for something else and thought I’d share my solution, should others stumble upon this thread as well.

I use Moom and save a Layout Snapshot with the windows how I want them and assign a keyboard shortcut to the snapshot. I launch my app and once the windows have opened I invoke Moom via the shortcut and voila! My windows are where I want them.

While this doesn’t solve the “open every app in the center of my primary screen” use case, it should work for the Xcode scenario.

Have fun!