Give Us Your Beta Questions and Experiences!


Stephen and I have gone crazy with this beta. I’ve even got it on my carry phone. This week’s episode of MPU is going to be all about our experiences with the new operating system betas. So let us know your question and experiences.


I know this is still early days but does it seem more stable at this point than iOS 13 was last year?


Thanks for taking the bullet for all of us :sweat_smile:

  • What’s your feel of the new macOS interface?
  • How does changing the default browser and email apps work on iOS?

Crazy like install-WatchOS-beta crazy?

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What do you think of the changes to the Files app on iPadOS?

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Has screen sharing on MacOS improved?

Question: why can’t I get on the beta?
Do you need a dev account?

Yes you do, he said in at least twenty characters.


I’ve been adding twenty periods, which seems to work well, and only shows as …

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The public beta usually follows very quickly.


What apps seem to work? My key non-Apple phone apps: Omnifocus, Drafts, Fantastical, Spark Mail, OneNote, Teams, iThoughts, Overcast, Calm, Due, Zoom.

That! …,…

Can you use scribble to create a mind map in MindNode? If not, I hope the developers create that capability. I would find it helpful to use the pencil to create my maps that then could be converted into “hard” shapes.


Seconded! I’d like to know where Scribbling can or cannot be performed with handwriting recognition.


Curious how you find yourself wanting to interact with home screen widgets, and how often you scroll through your app list vs. search to filter.

Any idea if TimeMachine is more robust?
I realize it’s early to tell if TM gets the “6-month blues” and makes you restart your backup, but perhaps someone has heard about it during the pre-beta beta.

Federighi said July, IIRC

Makes sense. Two or four weeks I think has been the norm the last few years.

I’m seriously tempted by the betas this year. I normally strictly avoid them. I am conflicted. I’m gonna wait and see how the stability situation shakes out.

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I’m always conflicted, expecially because during the summer I might be away from good internet and could not download new betas (and you lose the point of doing betas id you stay on public beta 2 until September :upside_down_face:). And I usually end up installing the beta on the iPad that’s the least critical device…

macOS 11 is tempting this time, tho… :scream:

In general, this is a more interesting upgrade cycle than it has been for me in several years.

Seems like recently the upgrades were headline-grabbers, but not all that interesting to me personally: Augmented Reality: played with it for five minutes, haven’t touched it since – I’ll be excited when the glasses are ready for prime time). Getting rid of iTunes: That’s nice but not really interesting. Upgrading to 64-bit: They did such a great job of it that it had no impact on me at all (not kidding here).

But stuff like scribbling, the new home screen and even the hand washing timer in the Apple Watch seem like capabilities that can fundamentally change how I interact with my devices. Exciting!

That said, I’m feeling a strange sense of patience, like maybe this year I’ll wait for the golden master or general availability to upgrade.