Grocery list app?

We currently maintain our grocery list on a whiteboard and then much like my paper based task tracker, we use an Index card to do the groceries. I would like an app instead. I suppose this is effectively a todo list app. Bonus points award for family members to add items via web interface (we have one member of the family who doesn’t have an iPhone).

We are using Bring for that


I’m using Paprika but i’m afraid it doesn’t support a web interface. Luckily, it supports iOS, mac, Android and Windows so. Not exactly cheap, though, but it’s been working flawlessly for me and my SO.

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I use the native Apple Reminders App to make shopping and other lists. It works very well, especially as it appears on my iPhone as well.


Buy Me A Pie is great. Our family has used it for several years

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I use and love Grocery. It sits on top of Reminders, so you get all the standard abilities to just tell Siri on your watch, iPhone or HomePod ‘Hey Siri add mustard to the shopping list’. When ‘Shopping’ is a reminder list shared with your family, everybody wins! This is what sets it above most of the others IMHO.

Lots of features around store management, meal planning etc. It has a cool feature where it learns the order you tick off items in each different grocery store, and suggests them in that order next time.

You can still work with the standard Reminders app if needed. So the web access would need to be an account that has access to that shared list.

Not associated with the app. Just a very happy user :+1:t3:


I’ve used AnyList since forever.


Apple Notes; use the Check List option


Here’s my specific use case.

I have a list of items to buy, I have a list of stores where that item can be bought. In my current app, an ancient version of SplashShopper (descendent of Palm HandiShopper) I can set an item to be avaialbel at several stores. When I select that is an tem I need toby it shows up no matter hwat store I am loking at. When I click the checkbox to indicate that I have bought the item it is also no longer “needed” when I look at any other store where it can be bought.

This is my absolute critical function.

I can live without almost everything else most folks consider essential to a shopping app (what aisle, coupons, cost, quantity although that is nice, sync (I can live with manual drag of a shopping database file to my iPhone if required) but I must absolutely have the ability to set a given item available at multiple stores. I can select it as needed and it shows up in all stores where I’ve set it as available and I can buy it and remove the check and it must disappear from all stores where it is available but be ready to add again as I need it.

Do any of the options discussed here offer that function?


I want to select the store and then only see the things I can get at that store, and have a simple do I need them or not checkbox. I don’t want to see things that I can’t get from that store. I don’t want to have to add them each time just check needed or not. See I have over 600 items I buy regularly over something over 30 stores. Some items I can get several places, but some only one place. The stores are in up to 5 different towns as much as 75 miles away from home. So depending on which store I am in I need to get everything I can there. We only go major shopping once a month as it’s a 150 mile round trip there and back

Finally found my list of some of the other apps I tried
Grocery Gadget
Grocery IQ
To Shop

List apps including
Paper Lists

And those are only the standalone ones I eliminated all that required a cloud service or only had an on-line app.

Ideally there would be a desktop version so I could add items and edit on my Mac and then send the updated list to the iPhone but I’ve lived without it since SplashShopper killed their Mac version so I can continue to live without it.

I had been using Buy Me a Pie but after some Watch app issues I switched to Our Groceries. I use my watch when shopping, especially when wearing a mask in crowded stores. Also easier than dragging my phone out of my pocket.

How do you get an item into the list of more than one store?
I could switch it between stores, but I could not have it in more than one store, at the same time? At least I have not figured out how to do so…

AnyList does. An item can be assigned to as many stores as you wish, or no stores, and the list can be quickly filtered for just the store you happen to be shopping in at the time.

AnyList is my favorite, and I use it for much more than just shopping. Trip planning / packing lists. Gift lists. Book lists. Etc. Available on Mac, mobile, Watch, and web. (Also Alexa.)



I know I tested AnyList and it didn’t do what I needed but that was several years ago. I don’t remember why it failed.

I have this option on iOS

But this App is in total a mess, I even could not add a shopping note, unless the text I wrote into the field is recognized by the system, and I could click on a little bubble created above the insert field. So I could add “500g” as " 5 00g", but I could not add “50g”
I can not see, how to get an app like this, into a useful workflow, like I could e.g. with “Bring!”?

Another vote for Paprika here. It supports multiple stores. It is a recipe app, so you can dump all the ingredients from a recipe (or uncheck the ones you have on hand) onto the grocery list. Of course you can add your own groceries to the list individually as well. My husband and I both use the same login on the apps on our iPhones. I have the app on the iPad, which is nice to display while cooking something (the recipe allows you to strike through ingredients) and recipes can be downloaded into the app after you copy the url. I do have the iMac app but rarely use it. It’s a bargain for 5 bucks and we use it daily.

Google Keep… surprisingly nice and simple!

Been using and paying for AnyList for years, never had the desire to see what else was in the marketplace

It checks all my boxes (pun intended)


This may be old-school and power-user-contrary but I have a two column Pages document that lists all of the grocery items that I’d purchase on any given week. Each column is a complete list so I tear the printed page in half for a convenient to carry list. I look in the cupboard and fridge and do an inventory and cross out anything I don’t need. I can also write in an unusual item. Having the whole list at the store has a bonus when I see something that’s crossed on my list, but on sale, I can make an impromptu change and stock up on that item.
I’ve looked at Grocery List apps over the years but they all seem more trouble than my simple paper method. Sometimes a good power user knows when not to use their phone.

I do employ one task automation in that I have an Alfred keyboard command that will open and print the document. One key press = printed list.

This is one of the killer features.

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