Heads Up. IOS 14 Public beta is out

The iOS 14 public beta is out…downloading it now…fingers crossed… I am quite excited about this one.

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Jepp rocking it on my iPad and iPhone. Tomorrow I will put it on my Mac… at work. Let’s see what happens:)

Same. Left it downloading on the iPad with it plugged in to charge, will install in the morning. Was vacillating between 3 & 4 hours to download, so decided not to wait it out.

Seriously looking forward to the Scribble functionality!

Guess I’m less adventurous; I installed iOS 13.6 GM on all my devices…

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Greatest thing I’ve discovered on iPadOS thus far:

Dictation can be activated by double pressing control ^ on keyboard

Think @MacSparky will love that one!


The Mac beta doesn’t seem to be out yet. :disappointed:

Well iOS 14 runs fine on my old iPhone 6S. The App Library is so much better organized than all the folders I’ve accumulated. Really tempting to put it on my new phone.


Scribble is great, but works only in English so far. Wrote this post with it!


I had one of those tech-nerd issues come up today. I excitedly told my wife about Scribble and she was immediately interested.
She also immediately asked if it would work in Thai…

To be fair, I think Apple is much better than most at getting these things into other languages (though the regular promotion of amazing new Maps features is starting to grind).

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Installed this on my Xs. Holding out on the iPad Pro since I use a lot of 3rd party apps for work and personal projects. Same with the Mac, will hold off until I know critical apps will work just fine.

Love being able to add my shortcut widgets on the home screen. As well as using double tapping the back of my iPhone to open the flashlight then triple tapping to take pictures with the Halide camera.

Took the plunge this morning on both my iPad and iPhone — since, as @MacSparky has said, I’m mostly at home now, so far more manageable.

Edit: Just posted asking why my App Library was empty. Well, it’s fixed itself between my writing the initial post. Obviously just took a few moments to set up in the background.

Interested to hear from you all how stable this public beta is. If it’s iOS 12 stablility, I’ll take the plunge too!

I haven’t been able to find anything broken yet. Apps that seem ok include OmniFocus, DTTG, Ulysses, Scrivener, Filemaker Go, PDF Viewer, Overcast, Drafts, Calendar 366, and all the native apps. Also Global Protect VPN.

Also, web pages and shortcuts saved to the home screen don’t appear in the App Library boxes, but they’re there in its search.

Successfully refreshed textexpander snippets from the last non-subscription version.

So far so good!


Feels very solid to me, had the translate app crashing on me twice. Apart from that it seems really good.

Same here, he says after almost a day’s use…

Realized that now, so looking forward:)

Oof. The lack of App Library and homescreen widgets on iPadOS 14 hurts. It is so nice on the iPhone… I really hope they change their mind on it on the iPad.

I think the best argument is ease-of-use. I think non-power users will get used to the App Library and homescreen widgets on the iPhone quickly, but then if they switch to an iPad and can’t find their apps in the same way, it’ll be disruptive.

I’ve submitted feedback to this effect.


Since I don’t go anywhere, I’m going to install the beta on my phone too.
“What could go wrong?”


I like the new widgets - using the small version for Activity and Weather on the first page and the middle photo at the last page. Is there an “easy way” to add a new second page (would like to place some more widgets there) or do i have to move all apps and folders manual to the right?

It seems really stable to me.

3 favourite features. The widgets are really good. The picture in picture is brilliant. My favourite feature is double back tap. I have set it to scroll down (for example on a web page).