Help Me with Katie's Final Episode


I’m deep in planning for Katie’s final episode. It is not going to be a clip show but I’d love to see any questions you’d like me to include for her. Let me know in this thread and I’ll try to include some of it.

Also, I thought it would be fun to include a few small audio comments. Feel free to send them through to me at Just keep them really short and understand I can’t include all of them in the show.

“What is the most significant thing you have learned about technology’s impact in our lives, for good or bad, during your time helping to produce the MPUs podcast?”


“How will you get your technology fix now that you won’t be talking about it on the show?”

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How have you seen and experienced Apple change for the better or worse, during the course of Mac Power Users?

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What’s your favorite Star Trek series, episode and character(s)? :vulcan_salute:


I realise you will want to say you can’t choose, but if you had to choose, who was your favourite guest and why?

“How has the way you use your Apple devices changed from when MPU first started?”


“Is there a chance that we will hear you in a podcast some time again (maybe as a guest)?”


What do you love?

I’d like to know what Katie is going to be doing with the part of her life she’d devoted to MPU and to other online experiences she’s retreating from.

I get that she maybe doesn’t want to talk about that and I respect that if that is her choice.


The Googles know.

I just asked the Googles – it did not tell me.

I did learn there is a Katie Floyd who is a “fitness model.” Perhaps she would enjoy meeting my alter ego, the crossfit athlete.

Please have Katie check in for Episode 500…


I would love to know:

Porgs or tribbles? If you had to have one of these then which one would it be?


I don’t know if this has ever been told on MPU before. But I just started thinking about it.
How did the both of you @katiefloyd and @MacSparky become Mac geeks?, and where either of you ever PC geeks before.

And I am of course meaning geek very positively :slight_smile:


Hi Katie,

Can you please let us know about your favorite current Apple product ? Also any memories of your first apple product.

Thanks !


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I would like to know what surprised her the most. @MacSparky multi iPads lifestyle or his iMac Pro!

The saddest episode of MPU for me was the one where Katy tearfully packed up her iPad mini and sent it away, because I loved my mini too. So my questions on this topic are - do you miss the mini form factor; if there was an iPad mini pro would you prefer it to the existing lineup; do you regret sending your beloved mini away; was there any other product that you felt as bad about losing?

I’d like to know how Katie met that rascal @MacSparky


Will @katiefloyd still show up at ABA TechShow?