Help Me with Katie's Final Episode


I hope I can say this properly, I’m not a native speaker. I think that women are still underrated in technology and if a women is interested in tech she has to face the prejudice of being boyish or a misfit. But Katie shows that you can be extremely sophisticated in this field and still have a very dignified and ladylike bearing. Thanks for that!
(I know this is not a question …)


Dear Katie,

Thank you for your service to your many listeners. I have learned so much about the Apple lifestyle from you and David.

Do you see yourself continuing with the Apple ecosystem? If so, which product will be your go-to product in 10 years time? It could be a product already developed such as Apple Watch, or something that is still a pipe dream in Cupertino.


She now has too many homepods not to! :rofl:


Hi David!

I’d like to ask Katie: “What was the first major music concert you ever attended, how old were you, and what do you remember most about it?”



Suggestion: Let’s limit discussion here of Katie’s future plans to information she herself has disclosed. She seems to want to keep a lot private; let’s respect that.


Amen gang. Amen. Just take her for her word that it’s good things, because it is.


I’d love to hear from her what her favorite MPU moments were–and what, in her opinion, is the most embarrassing thing @MacSparky has done on the show (or off it!) :smile:


I love this question. If we were voting, I’d put all my votes on this one.

There’s an obvious way to answer that: Apple is a mobile company now, a phone company with a few side-businesses. But I expect Katie could go even deeper than that with an even more interesting answer.


Shame on you @RosemaryOrchard! You should KNOW that its IMPOSSIBLE to have just ONE tribble :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You said it perfectly!


Just never feed it!


I miss mine as well. I typed in portrait mode like a speed demon with split keyboard on mine, and it was the perfect (expensive) Kindle alternative for me for reading in bed. I traveled with it a lot more than with my previous, larger iPad too.

FYI Ming-Chi Kuo claimed in an October report that Apple was working on a new version of the iPad mini with an upgraded processor and a lower-cost display panel, with the device being launched late in 2018 or early next year. And then yesterday came confirmatory rumblings of a new iPad mini next year through the Chinese supply chain. Soooooo…


Yes I saw that report as well.
I think switching to the iPhone 6 plus cut down on my mini usage and then it got left behind by software updates. Also my first one got left in Alaska by accident, and being wifi only there was no way to find it. My second one belonged to my son who didn’t really use it. I did like to use it for reading (and still could), and also notetaking with a bluetooth stylus. Since I got my iPad pro 9.7 and Pencil, I find the Pencil much better because it’s easier to charge, determine charge level and get working. So any iPad mini that comes out better have Pencil compatibility as well.
But I still find that the more portable the device, the more places you can take it and the more often you can use it. The mini could travel in my bag and be with me all the time, whereas the iPad Pro doesn’t quite fit and causes bag rage (whatever I want gets stuck underneath it), so it has to go in my backpack and not with me all the time.


I can see an argument for making all iPads Pencil-compatible. With the apparent holiday success of the current Pencil-compatible 32Gb 9.7" iPad selling (out) at $249, I think the days of the $399 iPad Mini are numbered, and a 2019 model may end up being the new low-end model with a much lower starting price.

If Apple is trying to get prices down even further with a ‘lower cost display panel’ they’re likely looking at making the lowest possibly priced iOS/iPad aimed at being mainly a consumption device, so there might or might not be room for adding the tech for Pencil support, depending on how much Apple expects it could also sell a sufficient percentage of high-margin Pencils.


Something along these lines would be what I’d like to hear as well! And the announcement that Katie will be there for episode 500! And a Starwars vs Startrek who has the best ecosystem smackdown!


Eeehm, that information is publicly available. Why so secretive about it?


As she’s not telling us about it via the podcast or another method (Twitter, the forum, etc.) I think it’s only polite to not go looking. It’s like Christmas presents - looking for them spoils it for everyone.


I guess the question should be a tribble, a targ or even a Vulcan sehlat. Don’t feed the first one, but don’t forget to feed the other two. :wink:


I’d like to hear the MPU origin story … how did David and Katy meet? What made them think “you know, a podcast would be a good idea”? And can we hear some clips from that first episode that was recorded but never released?


I figure I’m a little late but I would love to hear Katie’s thoughts on women in tech: the problems, the possibilities, the responsibilities.