Help Me with Katie's Final Episode


I seem to remember they announced that the final episode with Katie would be recorded sometime before Christmas.

Besides, Katie was not really a woman in tech. She’s a lawyer using a computer. That’s a totally different thing.


Yeah, I think you’re right about the recording time.

Of course I didn’t say that Katie is a “woman in tech” (although that could be argued), but rather that I’d like to hear her opinions on the subject. Is that Ok?


I think you were fine the way you worded it. Katie used tech in her job and personal life. She was more than just a lawyer using a computer. She will be missed and hopefully she will be back as a guest on the show.


Wait what!? Have been busy with my new job and got a couple of months of podcast backlog and suddenly I see this!

I’ll miss you Katie! All the best in whatever you’re up to next!