Help needed-3 Drafts app issues

I need help with three Drafts app issues.

  • For some strange reason, whenever I use the keyboard shortcut “command + B” to bold text, the Drafts document immediately goes to archive where I must retrieve it to continue my work. I can’t find any place where there is a conflict.
  • I use the markdown keyboard nearly exclusively in Drafts. When I select the action to “Save to files as”, the default extension is .txt. I want the default to be .md because the majority of these documents are being saved to an Obsidian vault. Where can I change the default in Drafts?
  • Because most of my drafts are going to an Obsidian vault, should I set the default markdown in the Drafts app as “Multimarkdown” or as “GitHub Flavored”? Which is best given that the draft will end up being used in Obsidian?

Thanks in advance for your kind help!

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  1. Isn’t this the same issue?
  2. In that action, edit the script to change .txt to .md (line 7 in the image below)

  1. It really doesn’t matter much unless you are using advanced formatting. Whatever you export from Drafts will be interpreted by Obsidian according to Obsidian’s internal markdown parser.

@Bmosbacker, for #1, can you locate the action associated with the cmd + b keyboard shortcut? After that, can you take a screenshot of the action and then take a screenshot of the action group configuration? With more data, we might be able to help you out more.

Great, then I’ll leave the setting to multimarkdown and leave it at that. Thanks!

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It is. I thought I’d resolved it by deleting the action groups and reinstalling. The problem went away for a while but has reappeared. I have not changed anything in the Action groups since reinstalling them. Really strange. This is happening on both the Mac and iOS.

I found a work around but involving command+B should not archive drafts.

Did you report your ctrl-b issue to Drafts Support. Greg Pierce is very responsive to questions and issues with his product. What you experience is not normal, might be a bug, might be user error – whatever – but the developer himself is in the best position to work with you to solve. As it is with almost any single-developer software.

Open Drafts > Help > Send Feedback to create an email to Drafts support.

They don’t bite.

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Yes, I will do that. The help I get here is so kind that I tend to start here, forgetting to contact the developer. :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll do so! Thanks!

@agiletortoise has a similar great discourse forum over at A lot of the same people involved in both places. Great bookmark to have as well to learn new things.

Thanks, I just joined!