Heptabase for thinking and knowledge management

this is only for people who are happy to pay $6.99 per month (billed annually) for the pro version. I know there is a 1-week refund process but still this is asking a lot of confidence on the product and for the company that has no track record

Yet another one, hat-tip to @DrKarav:

There must be some open source framework underlying all of these visual notetaking web apps that has led to the current prolification…?

Electron :slight_smile:

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Ha, yes, but these apps also seem to share some objects-on-a-canvas ancestor too.

Heptabase is now in open beta, still I maintain that asking people to subscribe for a year upfront is a bold move, albeit the 1 week refund arrangement

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I saw that and I don’t agree with the mentality of charging people for an unfinished product, going as far as not offering a 1 month trial to beta test their app.

The refund option is there, but it’s not what I would consider a good choice.