Homepod airplay 2 question

I’m thinking of buying a homepod for the kitchen. I also have several sonos speakers throughout the house.

What I’d like to know is this: can I send an apple music airplay to both the homepod and sonos at the same time? Or can you only send it to one device at a time?

Not until Sonos supports AirPlay 2…

The newest Sonos players do support AirPlay 2 and I’m pretty sure you can send audio to both a HomePod and a newer Sonos unit. The problem is this is only available on the very latest Sonos devices - like the Sonos One and Sonos Beam. I have four Play 1s, a Play 5, a Sonos Playbar/Sub, and a Connect Amp throughout our house and not one of them is AirPlay 2 compatible, so can’t test this to be sure…


Yes, if you have at least one airplay2-compatible Sonos device (a Sonos One, the second generation Play:5, the second generation Playbase or a Beam).

Just add the Airplay2-compatible Sonos to Apple Homekit. In the Sonos app, check Group Non-Airplay compatible speakers. This allows non-airplay2 Sonos speakers to play if they are in the same Sonos group as an airplay2-compatible Sonos speaker.

I use the Siri via Apple Music to play music on the Homepod and Sonos. I have also airplayed to HomePod and Sonos at the same time using iTunes from my Mac and podcasts from Overcast from my iPad.

I have noticed that there can be intermittent problems when I’m using both: speakers out-of-synch; pauses; stoppages; etc. The problems are mostly short-term and I cannot reproduce. In general, they are minor annoyances but it makes the use of both not family-ready (at least for my family). My advice would be to purchase a HomePod, test it, and return if it doesn’t work well for you. Let me know if you have specific questions.

Also, I am wondering if my experience is the norm. Can anyone else relate their experience?

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@martijnengler Actually they do (my play one does)

Yep, my bad! Sore about that