Integrating HomePod with ceiling speakers

I’m looking for a way, in the future, to have a setup in the HomePod ecosystem that works with my ceiling speakers similar to how those speakers works with my current Sonos setup. I currently have one Sonos speaker and a Sonos Connect. The Connect attaches to my stereo receiver, which sends music to ceiling speakers in my home.

I’ve digested different posts in these forums, but I’m hoping for input from those of you who have tried some of the below possibilities or are “in the know” on how this works.


  • Use my old Airport Express. I understand a recent update brought AirPlay 2 support. Can I start music on the HomePod, and pipe that through to my ceiling speakers if I connect the Airport Express audio out port to my receiver? Will that be as seamless as the Sonos setup I have now?

  • Use an Apple TV. I also have an Apple TV connected to my receiver. Can that be an AirPlay 2 receiver, and work seamlessly in tandem with the HomePod, so I could send music through the ceiling speakers (via the receiver) that way?

  • Buy one of a newer Sonos with Siri and AirPlay 2 support. As I understand it from another post (see below), if even one Sonos on the system supports AirPlay2, that might be enough to send music to all the Sonos devices on the system? Is that right? If I go this route, can I start music with one command, and have it go to the HomePod and also all the Sonos devices?

Looking for the best way to do this, or whether I missed any other options. Thanks for any input!


P.S. Here is the post where I got info for option 3, above:

and another one:

I can’t help with the first 2 but can confirm part of this.

I recently purchased a Sonos Beam. I’ve linked it to old Play:1 (non AirPlay 2) speakers. Works fine. I can AirPlay to the Beam and the Play:1 speakers without problem. I do have other problems, but not with AirPlay.

Good luck!

Thank you, very good to know.

Today I updated the old AirPort Express to the new firmware, and connected its audio out to the audio in on my Sonos Connect Amp (and changed a setting in the Sonos app on my iPhone). This let me see the AirPort as an AirPlay destination, and I can play from my iPhone/iPad, etc. to the Sonos via the AirPort. I simply named the Airport “ceiling speakers,” and when I select that them, my music starts playing over the Sonos system as if I’m playing directly to the Sonos.I’m hoping that I can integrate the HomePod directly into this setup. I’ll know when Christmas gets here and I get the HomePod, which is currently sitting in a box about 10 feet from me right now.

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Oh, nice! I am currently getting into the Sonos eco system, and am happy to hear that I can mix in my old Airport Express as a Sonos destination for a “legacy” speaker/amp combination.


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