Mixed Sonos and HomePod setup?

Now that Sonos supports AirPlay 2, has anyone here tried combining Sonos speakers with the HomePod in a multi-room audio setup? How well does it work?

I’ve got several Sonos speakers and after I move later this year I’m considering adding some more networked speakers to build out my multi-room audio setup in the new place. Given my investment in the Sonos, the easy button would be to just buy a couple of Sonos Ones. However, the potential to trigger Siri shortcuts via the HomePod has me pondering buying a couple of those instead. I’m too invested in Sonos to switch entirely over to HomePods at this point, but if I could get one or two and combine them with my existing Sonos speakers that might be workable.

So has anyone tried this?

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I have 3 Sonos Ones and several other Apple TVs setup throughout my house. Once the update came out I got on immediately testing it and it works flawlessly so far. Having Airplay 2 is a game changer.

I cannot speak to the Homepods in the mix though. I don’t own one, but I would imagine it would work just as well.

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I have a HP in the kitchen and a new Sonos Beam + 2 play:1 speakers in the living room. I am not yet able to use Siri to play on the Sonos (this seems to be because I am running the iOS 12 betas), but I am really happy with the setup up. If I airplay to the HomePod and the Sonos set up there is no lag. If I airplay to the Sonos via my ATV then the HP and Sonos are not 100% in sync (close but not quite). I hope that Apple figures out this lack of sync between ATV and HP (others have complained about it over at the Macrumors forums).