How do you access MPU? Shout out to Fig IOS app

I use Safari to access Discourse forums on the Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

However, there is one feature that I use Fig for, and I love it: I use it to notify me on the iPhone when I get a reply to a post, on days when I’m following discussions closely (like today, both here and in the Obsidian Discourse forum). Most days I just leave those notifications off. Very easy to switch them on and off on a per-forum basis.

Have you considered using the Discourse Hub app?

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I have not tried Discourse Hub. What does it get me that Fig + Safari does not?

Push notifications and the Safari interface?

I get those things with Fig and Safari. I’ll probably take a look at Discourse Hub, though. Thanks!

This is what I use. I tried Fig, thought it was ugly. :man_shrugging:t3:

You wouldn’t need to use two different apps though.

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It’s meant to look like a native Apple application. Do you not like Apple’s design language?

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Not that one I guess