How do you carry your tech?

What tech is with you every day and how do you carry it?

I have a Tom Bihn Synapse 25 that holds my 9.7" iPad Pro in a Logitech Create case, a 13" MacBook Pro from 2012, and a bunch of other nicknacks including a pouch of cables and an external battery.


This very much depends on what I’m carrying, where I’m going, what the weather is like, and my outfit - and yes, all of these change every day! :laughing:

Day to day I have a leather tote handbag from Amazon which I use, it can hold my MacBook Adorable (work machine), 10.5" iPad Pro (goes most places with me), my Bose QC35II, AirPods (for commuting), work ID/access card/keys, lunch, and whatever else I decide to carry around.

Some days I use a Kipling backpack instead, it has enough padding to make sure the laptop/iPad aren’t uncomfortable, and holds about the same amount.

You’ll notice both of these bags are not full of pockets and sections - I find that leads to me losing things or thinking I’ve lost things which is not fun.

For longer trips/taking my new 15" MacBook Pro around I have a cheap backpack from Amazon - purchased because it said it could hold a 15" laptop, and because the pocket structure didn’t look too overwhelming. I’m actually very pleased with it, and the USB port for connecting to a battery pack inside is used more than I expected it to be. I have this back in a nice blue and unless it’s stuffed it looks smaller than it actually is - useful when flying!

In my bag I always have a small mesh pouch which came in a set of 3 from Ikea, (the small square one, not the pencil case shaped one). This has a USB to lightning cable, a USB to micro USB cable, a small USB wall plug, and battery pack with a watch charging puck built in, this often saves the day and lets me keep going when betas zap my battery.


I use a small basic Samsonite, they seem to last for ages and are well constructed. Easily fits my MacBook and iPad and is extremely light and slim.

Like a lot of people, it depends, if I am just going to the supermarket I might take nothing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but that is not really in the spirit of the question.

If I a going to a work site rather then working from home I take my 2015 MacBook Pro, and an assortment of cables and chargers, mainly a USB-C to USB-A cable, a micro USB and a lightning Cable. I do a fair amount of mobile development so I need to be able to connect almost any phone.

It’s a bit of a coin toss as to weather I bring my iPad with me, depending on how pure a programming day I am expecting to get. When I do bring my iPad it’s the 10.5” in the leather sleeve with the Apple Pencil, at work I mainly use it for drawing diagrams like UML or what some UI should look like.

But that’s just work, day to day I travel with an assortment of tech, I carry two phones, the Pixel 2 XL and the Jelly Pro, the pixel is my main phone with the jelly serving as an MP3/podcast player. Generally I have a set of AirPods to connect to the pixel to take calls on, I find them uncomfortable for longer then an hour and I damaged my connector on the pixel so I can’t use wired headphones anymore.

I have almost permanently run through the back of my shirt a pair of Shure SE215 IEM headphones, they are the best headphones I have ever owned, I wear them more constantly than my glasses.

Lastly I wear a Fitbit, but I mainly use it for sleep tracking.

Most of this stuff just lives In what backpack I had around

iPhone (always in a black orig. Apple leather case) + AirPods in the pockets of my pants

MacBook (always in a moshi iGlaze translucent hardcover case) and iPad Pro (always in a Stilgut vintage cognac leather case with a matching Pencil holder) in the front flap of a Chrome Bravo Night backpack. It is super heavy duty and serves me well since a few years. I especially like that the laptop compartment is outside and not against my back. When I’m carrying something heavy, such as books, the weight of them won’t press onto my screen. If I would live in a city with a higher crime rate the easy accessibility of the laptop compartment would bother me, though.

If I have to attend a meeting in business attire I’ll switch to a Knomo Bungo Leather Messenger Bag. Quite expensive, but very well made.

I’ve got a cheap pouch for cables and dongles and keep a few emergency pills, cremes, bandaids, and bike fixing tools in another one. I’ll simply throw those packing pouches into whichever bag I’m carrying.

Also all my bags will have a large heavy duty trash bag in them at all times. In case it really starts pouring rain, I can stop and store my electronics in the plastic bag. Not the most elegant solution, but it works.

If I’m travelling longer, I’ll usually wrap harddrives and other tech that I’m bringing in checked luggage in sweatshirts and t-shirts to protect it.

I carry my 13" Macbook Pro and my iphone 6s everywhere. My laptop is always in my backpack and my iPhone is always in my pocket. I have a pair of Trekz Air bone conduction bluetooth headphones that are usually on my head.

My backpack is one from Outdoor Products that they don’t make anymore. It is called the Power Pack Day Pack 3.0.

This one is the closest they have now. I like mine because it has all the pockets I need. I habitually put everything where it goes and never have to look for anything. This is actually my second one. Outdoor Products replaced my first one for free when the zippers went out (probably from my continual overpacking it).

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Lowepro 22l hatchback camera bag for me. Fits my dslr and lenses when I want to take them out but also fits an iPad or my MacBook.

Being an iPhone photographer my day-to-day tools include:

If I go on a overnight(s) photo field trip I additionally bring

If I’m actually travelling for work , I have a Tom Bihn super light briefcase bag daylight for my iPad and MacBook air 13.
When I’m house sitting,since I work from home, I’ve taken to bringing my imac in a standard large rubber maid tub. It fits easily diagonally, keyboard and associated junk can go in. I throw a towel or fleece over the screen just in case, and it rides on the back seat or floor of the truck very well!
It’s not a long trip or frequently enough to justify an imac case, at least not yet.

When I need my laptop, or if I’m going on a longer trip, I’ll carry my gear in a Tom Bihn Smart Alec. If I’m just carrying my iPad Pro (which is most days) I run a Tom Bihn Ristretto shoulder bag.


I have a Waterfield Bolt Backpack and a Waterfield Bolt Crossbody Laptop bag. In the larger Bolt, I usually carry two laptops, a MacBook Pro 15" (personal) and Dell 15" (GFE required for work), and a 9.7" iPad Pro, along with Kindle, notebooks, power bricks, and a Waterfield gear bag with connectors, chargers, etc… If I only need one laptop I use the smaller Crossbody bag. These bags are super comfortable to carry, super roomy, and have lots of side pockets. I’m a big fan of everything Waterfield makes – made by hand in San Francisco, sharp looking, and indestructible.

If I’m traveling by car, which I do frequently for long distances, or working in a comfortable chair somewhere, I use a Sofia + Sam Multi-Tasking memory foam lap desk, which has a wrist pad, and is just the right size for long sessions on the keyboard.

Day to day I have my MacBook Pro, 10.5 iPad Pro, Baron Fig notebook and headphones in a backpack from eBags

Sometimes I just have the iPad “loose”, occasionally my wife will graciously carry it in her purse. Colder weather I have a SCOTTeVEST jacket/coat.

There is nothing that matches timbuk2…nothing! I have three different ones in various configurations. They are almost unbreakable and can attest to that from years of traveling for work. No ripped stitches or fabric. Really outstanding!


I carry a MacBook adorable and iPad Pro 9.7” in this ogio backpack OGIO Newt 15 Day Pack, Medium, Black

I’m also a Timbuktu guy. I cycle everywhere, and this bag is just perfect as far as I’m concerned. Laptop, IPad Pro, and DSLR no problem, with some good sections for other gear. And totally waterproof.


For work, I put my iPad Pro in a messenger bag that I picked up in Florida at a boutique a few years ago. For travel I use a Swiss back pack. I like compartments and can hold my Mac Book Pro. It also has nice space to pack for a quick over night. Then I have a camel pack that I bought at Eastern Mountain Sports for sports-type outings. It holds my iPad Pro.

I work from a home office, so my everyday tech is just my iphone 7+ in my pants pocket. I like the 511 tactical pants. I have several pairs, both long pants and shorts, and I wear them just about every day that I’m home.

I go to a lot of conferences professionally, and I carry a 13 inch 2015 MacBook Air, a Lightning cable, the iPhone and that’s about it. I’m going to have my bag hanging off my shoulder while I’m on my feet for most of the time for 14 hours a day, so I need to conserve weight and to have a relatively comfortable and balanced load. I also have some non-tech stuff in the bag: water bottle, a couple of protein bars, napkins, wipes, notebooks and pens. Sometimes I also carry an iPad mini and a stylus.

The bag is a Timbuktu Command bag. I used to be one of those people bought several bags a year, but since I got the Timbuktu bag a couple years ago that stopped. It is as close to the perfect bag as I am ever going to find.

I bring some more tech with me on trips. Those stay in my hotel room. Anker power adapter with multiple USB ports, a couple more lightning and USB cables. Mini or micro USB, I always forget which is which. And Kindle paperwhite for when I’m off duty


Just ordered my Tom Bihn Synapse 25 a few days ago. Cannot wait for it to arrive, as I’ve only heard amazing things about it. I didn’t get a cache with it, but may dish out for one once I use it for a bit.

When I’m just walking to a meeting from my office I carry my 10.5 iPad Pro in this felt holder that I got from
[Byrd and Belle] ( My phone and pen fit perfectly in the front pockets.


When I’m out on the weekend and want to carry my iPad Pro, I usually use my Tom Bihn cafe bag (medium). I have a pouch with cables and my AirPods that I put in the main compartment, too.

And when I want to pack everything in, I use my Cargoworks EDC for my 13 inch MBP and I can also include my iPad Pro. I love this bag so much. Everything is a tight fit though, so I may like a bigger one at some point.

Funny you ask… look what I’m trying out on a trip.

Waterfield Pro Backpack.