How long have you used your note-taking app?

I’m curious less about which app people are using to take notes, and more about how long they’ve been using it that way.

  • I have used my primary note-taking app more than two, but less than 5 years
  • I have used my primary note-taking app more than one but less than two years
  • I have used my primary note-taking app a year or less, but I used its predecessor for two years or more
  • I have used my primary note-taking app a year or less, and also used its predecessor less than two years
  • I have used my primary note-taking app less than two years, and didn’t keep notes before that

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Neither. More than 5 yrs


Definitely needs a more than five, predecessor more than five option! (Although the definition of primary is getting hazy these days with so much interconnectivity.)


Dang. I meant to include a 5+ in there

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Paper and pencil (maybe crayon?) since kindergarten. That’s quite a while. :slight_smile:


You young folks!

For me: a sharp stick and a patch of dirt.


Obsidian since 2020, can’t remember the exact date, but since it is December 2022 now, it’s safe to say it is 2+ years.

Stick and dirt? Luxury. But you try and tell the young people today that… and they won’t believe ya’. :wink:


Current is less than 3 weeks away from 2 years. Previous one was over 12 years maybe longer. It was DEVONTHink and I had version 1. something

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My current note-taking app was last updated in 2017 - which was merely a minor compatibility fix to its latest 2013 point release release.

I don’t know exactly how long but must have been about 10 years that I‘ve been using it.

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DevonThink since 2005…


Seems like the options don’t match the actions of many on this forum. From previous discussions I would have thought options like: “more than 1 month, but less than 3” or “less than 1 month but more than 2 minutes” would have been included. :slight_smile:


none of above.

If anything, any notes I take are related to “to-do’s” so goes into Things. For a very long time.

Been using my note-taking app for well over 10 years now.

From the forum posts, I was kind of expecting a lot of app-hopping, but of course, people who don’t switch probably post about it less.

Of course, if I had made the poll better, we might get more meaningful results. I will leave that to someone else with better survey skillz

On a more serious note (pun!), I’ve been using BBEdit for plain text notes for over 17 years. My oldest license email is form 2005, for an upgrade from version 6.5 to 8.2.

But as noted (!!) on the “Contrary Opinions” thread, most of my notes are ephemeral, and as such my main tools really are pencil and paper.

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Drafts since Drafts 4 in 2014, I believe. Prior to that, Editorial (mobile) and Folding Text (desktop).

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More than 5 years? :joy::joy::joy:

You had a stick? :rage::rage::rage:


Notes says the oldest note in there is from 2016… so, at least six years. Before that it was just a text editor and files.