How to buy Windows 11 for Parallels?

I teach a course on Microsoft Office at the local community college, and I need a Windows PC to run Office. I use the Mac version of Excel for as long as I can in the class, but in the end I need a PC somewhere to run Access. I’d like to run Windows 11 in Parallels, but for the life of me I can’t find a way to purchase just Windows 11… preferably the education edition. Has anyone else here gone down this particular rabbit hole?

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Buy windows 10 and it’s a free upgrade.

You might be interested in this thread too.

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If you create a Windows 10 VM in Parallels, then update it from Windows Update, then Windows 11 might be installable.

Alas, the “This PC doesn’t currently meet all the system requirements for Windows 11” message might appear instead of the update. See the thread @JohnAtl linked to above.

We’ve resolved that and I can and have done a clean install.

I’ve got Windows 11 installed and running in Parallels. I’m just trying to figure out how to buy a license for it. Seriously have a hard time navigating Microsoft’s site. Seems like selling their software would be a priority for them, but it looks like what they really want to do is sell me a Surface. I’d rather not reinstall my VM with windows 10 and then upgrade, but if that’s the only path available I guess that’s what I’ll do.

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You might be able to use a 10 license key in 11 and validate the upgrade?

Can you share how you resolved the problem and installed Windows 11 on Parallels?

It was pointed out in the other thread that you need to install the TPM module see KB Parallels: Use virtual Trusted Platform Module (TPM) in Parallels Desktop

Thank you.

So, I discovered, via the troubleshooting KB article you suggested, that the BIOS on my existing Windows 10 VM is “Legacy” type, and so the TPM module cannot be activated via Parallels settings. The only option is to create a new VM, activate the TPM module, install a new (paid) copy of Windows, and then transfer data between the existing Windows 10 VM and the new Windows 11 VM. Too expensive, so I’ll drop the idea of updating to Windows 11.

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