Hyperscheduling alarms

A couple of years ago, I did something similar to @MacSparky’s Hyperscheduling where I laid out my day using the calendar. For what little time I used it, I felt it was one of the better ways for me to focus and accomplish tasks.

I’m now going back to it to get me focused and more productive again. One thing that happens is that I get lost in time. I want an alarm, on my Apple Watch would be great that is set for multiple times a day to remind me to make the switch to another period of focus.

For example, everyday, I would have the same alarms at the same times. I would want one at 8:50am to stop my ‘learning’ hour. At 9am, I would start my hour of writing so I want another alarm to go off at 9:50am to wind down my writing so I could start my client work and so on through the day.

I’m thinking that maybe the Due app would be a good option for this but wondering if I’m missing something obvious.


I’ve been using Due for this for something similar to this for a while and love it. What’s extremely convenient is being able to push things off by a few days without changing their schedule (e.g. if there’s a holiday/I’m sick/whatever), and being able to adjust reminders as a one off as well - e.g. today I had a meeting until 4:30 so went home at 5, so my “get ready to leave work” reminder went off at 16:50 instead of 16:20 - but tomorrow it’ll be back to 16:20.

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Sold! Due it is. Thanks for the feedback.

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I also use Due. We had a discussion about it here:

I also use Todoist, which even in its free version offers fast 2-way sync with Google Calendar. So, you can set up tasks in GC, and if you are in GC and either do something early or want to move it to another time you can edit it in the calendar and changes will sync back to Todoist.


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In addition to recommending Due as others have, you can also put things that you perform regularly in Apple’s native calendar app as a recurring item and set a reminder notification for the event to occur as well. I do this for weekly meetings to remind me when it’s time to move from my desk.

Do all Due reminders auto-adjust like that normally or is that with a shortcut?

Regular reminders can be adjusted that way manually, if you want them to. When you change the time for the next reminder it asks if it’s just for that event or all future events.

As for Shortcuts, I have never used one with the app, nor do I know if you even can.

I think I misunderstood yesterday and was thinking Rose was saying the rest of the day’s tasks were adjusted automatically.

Just the repeatable alarm you’re editing, or all the subsequent times for that specific event. When you change the time for the next upcoming alarm you adjust that one event and are given the choice to make it a one-time change or a permanent one, but all other events in Due remain unchanged.

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It sure would be a nice option to push everything for the day back all at once. :slight_smile:

Things 3 auto adjusts items to the next day and implements other fanciness.

Remember, Due is not a task manager, it’s a reminders app.