I don’t get it (the iPad Pro)



I know the feeling.
Bought a macbook pro in 2016 along with an ipad pro 9,7”
The macbook pro is on a shelf somewhere, and my wife sometimes uses it,
The iPad pro (and now the new one) is never more than 1-2 meters away from my hands at any given time :smile:


Oh god say it isn’t so.

I think I’m gonna keep using the new MacBook Air for work. It is a really, really nice laptop. So I’ll probably just keep bringing it to work with me in order to keep using it and then ill have the iPad at home and take it with me on trips.

Do you think I will be able to keep this up? If not, then I will have to sell the Air. I never keep technology around that I’m not using.

My only issue is that I have Photo libraries. And yeah, that is basically what’s holding me back. I also have a bunch of Audiobooks that are not iCloud. But I have purchased them mostly through Audible and iTunes. Some I have added manually. Going all iPad would mean to lose some data, I reckon.

I also really like Fantastical 2 on the Mac (and many other apps on the Mac as well). I especially like that Fantastical on the Mac integrates with Meetup. The iOS apps don’t do this yet.


I bought the 10.5 Pro 256 wifi last year and cant really justify a new one… how ever much i would like to…:smirk:
I still have my true iMac late 2015 that i use regularly for real work… i dont think i would like to go iPad only, simply because of screen real estate and some apps just work much better, like Photos for example. Having said that, i sold my beloved MacBook Air last about a year ago and haven’t missed it much
My iPad too is never far away from me, since it always on and the charge holds very long.
The Smart Keyboard for the iPad costs an arm and a leg, but i would buy it again in an instant, it is a very useful add on and totally changed the way i use my iPad


I’m not clear about why you would loose audio data?
Both Audible and iTunes sync perfectly with the iPad :grimacing:

Your photos might be a problem, I only have one library in iCloud photos, so for me that’s not an issue.

I work on my iPad almost exclusively when I’m in the office, even though I have a windows laptop at my disposal. I can access email through office 365 and write almost all my reports etc on my iPad in either drafts or MS word, and only finish them off on my pc at work. For presentations at work I use a usb-c to hdmi adapter, so that also works very well. And I take all my work related notes in goodnotes using the apple pencil 2.

At home my mac mini works in the background to sync data, backup (icloud) data, run Hazel rules and provide me with a personal Git server and VPN access point.

But that is my personal situation, I can imagine that for you it is more dificult.
For me a macbook pro or air would be not practical. If I buy anything else sometime in the next year it might be an iPad pro 12.9” to use at home as a writing setup. But I highly doubt it, my 11” works perfectly and I love working on it.


Logitech still sells it on their site. I hope this is not a close out deal because I like mine and would replace it with the same, if necessary.


If I went iPad Pro only then I would have to sync all my audiobooks to my new iPad manually from my Mac and I’m not sure how I would be able to add new audiobooks to Apple’s Books app on iOS from my Audible subscription. I have a ton of Audio books and while they don’t take that much space as one might think, I would like to hold on to them. I use iTunes Match for all my music and I completely rely on it. If it went away tomorrow, I would be well annoyed that I would have to subscribe to Apple Music in order to get the same functionalities of syncing my own music to my own devices. Unfortunately, there is no iTunes Match for Audiobooks yet.

I will definitely hold on to my new MacBook Air. It’s an incredible machine. But I would like to have an iPad to rest with on the couch. Its just a more relaxing and more fun experience than with a Mac and that was really what Casey Liss mentioned in today’s episode, that it’s just more fun to use an iPad. Once he said that, it really resonated with me. It’s a more fun device to work in and the apps are better all-around, although less-featured in some apps and I still find MacOS to be better all-around. But the iPad experience is better, which is what makes the choice so hard for many people.
But I’m happy to hear that not everyone has abandoned the Mac. I can see myself do that in the future. Once they add the ability to add an external drive to the Finder, as Viticci keeps mentioning.

I will go also 11 inch for the iPad Pro. It is the right size, when I have a Mac at my disposal. I won’t go with the pencil though for now. I’m not at artist in any capacity and I don’t see the benefits of handwritten meeting notes. It seems a bit silly to me and I think my colleagues would find it strange (they’re not tech-savvy at all).

The fact that I have two Photo libraries is also a problem. So I can’t go iPad only, because of the fact that my first and second Photos library needs a safe house that is backed to Time Machine and BackBlaze. I would never ever let iCloud be the only keeper of my photos. Music I don’t care about. If I lose it, it would be too bad. But memories that would be devastating.

Those are my thoughts and probably I will hang on to this MacBook Air for a few years and yes, I have bought a crazily expensive machine that I might not use as much now because I’m spending money on a new machine (iPad Pro)). But I just have a terrible, terrible gadget itch after today’s MPU episode. I wonder how much money MPU has cost me since the start, it is a lot, I can tell you.

As I said, I will hang on to this MacBook Air 2018 for as long as it makes sense. If it turns out that in a few months, I haven’t opened the lid on it and I don’t really need it, then I will sell and attempt to backup my photos in other ways, and then go iPad only and then try and scratch back some of the crazy amounts of money that I spent on that MacBook Air.


How does that trade-in process work? is it with Apple directly? Won’t you get more money from selling it privately on some used-for-sale site?


That is curious…

Looks like a geography thing. Switching to the Swedish version of the site, the K811 don’t show up at all. The replacement seems to be the K780 MULTI-DEVICE WIRELESS KEYBOARD possibly…


I usually go with apple directly. Sometimes you get a little more elsewhere, and I have zero interest in going through the nonsense of a private sale. Apple is the acceptable convergence of cost and convenience.


Do you have a link to “going the Apple way” for internationals? I’m based in Denmark


What sort of dongles, extras etc, except for the Smart Keyboard that I’m getting, would people suggest getting for the 11 inch iPad Pro?


I can also recommend the Logitech K380 which I’ve settled on, as a really great iPad keyboard.

Has the right size, the keys are comfortable and has the right “feel” and it has the Mac keys as well as keyboard shortcuts that is supported by iOS👍


Thanks Tonny. I’m gonna go with the Smart Keyboard. I do have a very expensive keyboard in the new Air as well :wink:


That’s a pretty neat keyboard as well - I think you’ll be happy with that choice :slightly_smiling_face:


I certainly hope so. 2018 has been an expensive year for me in terms of Apple related products:

29000 kr or 4410.20 USD for the new Air, new iPad Pro and HomePod.



Know the feeling :sweat_smile:

But we do love our Apple toys ‘n’ tools😁

Look on the bright side - Apple computers - well, hardware in general - usually last for many years. My old Mac Pro lasted a decade before it wasn’t up to par. Depending on the type of work done on an Air this could be the case with this as well (besides a battery change half-way through, maybe):slightly_smiling_face:


You’re looking for Apple Giveback. There should be a link at the bottom of the website.


I received my new 11’ iPad Pro yesterday and my Apple Magic Keyboard today. I’m still waiting on the Apple Smart Keyboard.

Spent most of last night setting this device up and boy is it gorgeous!

However, this is a completely new environment for me, the iPad. I used to own an iPad mini, which I never used. So I have a big learning curve ahead of me.

Does anyone know of any good tutorials out there for learning how to use the new iPad Pro as a productive work tool?



One additional advantage to the iPad I noticed since I’m traveling today: US airlines allow you to use tablets (including the 12.9” iPad Pro) througought the flight. They make you stow laptops during takeoff and landing.