I don’t get it (the iPad Pro)



The FAA’s Portable Electronic Devices rules have been in effect since 2013 and permit use of tablets and smartphones that can operate in “airplane mode”, through all phases of flight. While in U.S. airspace, foreign carriers can also permit use of tablets in all phases of flight (in “airplane mode”) if their home country’s aviation authority permits.

Laptops are heavier and that is why they must be stowed during takeoff and landing phases for safety reasons


I use both. There’s stuff that just can’t be done properly on an iPad. For me, it’s:

  • photo management and editing
  • number crunching and statistics
  • writing
    The advantages of the iPad:
  • pencil
  • battery life
  • portability&form factor
    If I had less requirements (photos, number stuff, writing), I could manage with just an iPad.


I’m gonna go iPad Pro only at some point. Why do you say writing? I don’t do the other things. But out of curiosity why not Photo management? Can you elaborate?


Writing=scientific papers with citations, graphs, etc. Including stuff from R with knitr and so on.
Photos=no color management. That’s a deal breaker for me. And also add: no Adobe RGB, no large format printing, keywording is a hassle, wonky XQD card solutions, no scanning, no Photoshop, no LR plugins, and so on and on.


Unlike @Lars I do a lot of photo management on my iPad Pro. Depending on how you work, the feature set may or may not be sufficient for you. I find Lightroom on the iPad Pro to be very useful. For doing selects and ratings, I think it is great. Also 90-95% of my editing I can get done right on the iPad itself. A few images may need Photoshop, and then I’ll just fire up the iMac (and I must admit I am getting slower at Photoshop, due to lack of routine…)

For an even faster workflow (and with images needing less precision) I still use SnapSeed. I have used it since before Google bought it from Nik Software, and I simply love the ease of use in selecting adjustments and swiping in the correct amount.


So I’m gonna put up my new MacBook Air for sale soon. From then I will be iPad Pro only.

Any good advice for me before I ditch the Mac completely? Anything I should remember to arrange before going iPad only?


I don’t use my iPad Pro IN PLACE OF my MacBook Pro…but rather IN ADDITION to it (and my iPhone).

Different device serve different tasks in my life. My iPhone takes care of streaming music, taking photos, most of my text messaging and obviously, my phone calls.

My iPad gets more tasks such as reading, mobile image or video editing, storing downloaded media due to its larger storage capability, mobile document management and email, etc.

Then my Mac gets…well EVERYTHING you do on a home computer. All of my Adobe desktop apps, Microsoft Office, advanced email and document management, budgets, finance, taxes, etc.

Is there some overlapping capability? Sure. But I don’r really care. I enjoy the convenience of the different form factors in different situations.

I could read a ebook on Kindle on either my iPhone or my Mac…but the size and form factor of my iPad make it the most optimally suited for me personally.

But hey, to each their own. Apple makes enough different devices to allow you to customize you tech world as you see fit for your lifestyle. If an iPad doesn’t fit in your life, no problem…just don’t get one.

We all have unique lives and circumstances.


How do you plan to backup your data?

I’ve been basically iPad only, for my personal use, for about 2 years. Currently I am keeping my old 2011mini around to sync my iCloud, Google Drive, & Dropbox files to its hard drive for offsite backup via Arq to AWS. Once it dies I’ll probably replace it with a cheap Windows PC.


That is pretty cool, and strange at the same time.


@Aaron_Antcliff don’t suppose you are working on cloning? I need two of them badly…LOL


That’s the big issue. I will have to rely on iCloud and pray that it stays solid. I don’t know what else to do without a Mac and BackBlaze.

I could copy everything to Dropbox, but I don’t know if i would have enough space on Dropbox to do that and how to actually to that on the iPad Pro


If you wanted to pay twice as much as BackBlaze CrashPlan for Business offers additional features like multiple backup sets, more privacy for your files, and customizable deleted file retention. $60/yr vs $120/yr. I chose BackBlaze but I know a couple of people who stuck with CrashPlan when it dropped its consumer business, pay more, and have been pretty happy with the service.


Any other things to remember before I delete my Mac and seek it and go iPad Pro only?


If you have any special fonts I’d put those in iCloud so you can upload them using anyfont.


If fonts are the least of the problems then I should be good to go :wink:


Honestly going iPad only isn’t hard and there isn’t a lot to do other than making sure the stuff on your make gets in the cloud. I really would like to hear an update in about 6 months to hear how you’re doing!