I don't miss my iPad

As described here, I ended up with a bricked iPad Pro 10.5 about a month ago…I could use my old 9.7 which is shared with a kid…but in practice – I’ve barely used it. Practically everything I did with the iPad Pro, I’ve been doing on my iPhone (7 Plus), or on my MacBook. I’ve been spending less time consuming and more time getting work done. I’ve had to print a few ms. rather than reviewing with the Pencil. But otherwise – has me thinking whether I really need it at all.

In particular, OmniFocus 3 on the iPhone may be all I need.


I could never go back to taking conference and meeting notes on paper (I use the pencil for instant ocr and never misplacing notes). I’d never even dream of trying on a laptop or a phone, because typing means I don’t absorb the information half as well, and at meetings tapping or typing is just wrong and means you appear rude and disengaged. Also love using the iPad to read the morning paper, my newspaper doesn’t offer a full newspaper-like experience on their phone app or website.

Aside from these things, I could live with a phablet and Mac.

Just the other day I removed all my social media apps from my iPhone 7. I’ve concluded that they were having a very bad effect on my neck & upper back. Typing and reading on the iPad on a proper surface is much less damaging.

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I’m just the opposite. I carry a 6s that still does everything I need - including fitting in dress pants. And do almost everything else on an iPad. My ancient (headless) MacMini handles offsite backups, and uses Hazel to simplify my file management. Once the Mini dies, I don’t plan to replace it.

Might not have tried to go IOS only, but I gave up on Apple bringing out a new Mini or MacBook Air level laptop.

Fortunately, with a little work, most people can find the right combination of Apple products to get the job done.

I would be Interested which app you are using for instant OCR!

I use my iPad only as an “entertainment device” aka its my cinema, book, podcast station, note taking tablet, scanning device. thats really it all my work being done on my Macbook. My iphone is my commuter and the only device where I allow notifications. Basically I am hoping for the day that the iPad will merge with the Macbook (running osx or iOs depending on which mode it is.) Pretty much like the windows surface. But I think this day will never come. Apple makes a lot of profit in this way.

Obviously not Rob… Nebo or similar apps… is my guess.

Most note-taking apps now support OCR but at different levels.

Nebo is the ultimate for this but uses a tonne of the battery. I used to use Notability and found this excellent, but at a conference, this only lasts half a day. Good Notes also supports OCR but has the same battery problems.

I now tend to use Apple Notes because it means my iPad can last all day without a recharge, however, it only supports searching within the Apple Notes app and cannot export OCR’d documents.

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Thank you. I like Notability a lot. But I would like it to be able to convert my handwriting directly into Text. Somewhere I read that some note-app developers will buy nebo to incoperate their knowledge into their own app.