Ipad pro 10.5 reliability?

I just got done with chat with Apple and the conclusion is that I need to swap out my 10.5 ipad. This will be the second replacement in barely over a year . The first one only lasted a few months. Both suffered from black screens for a few days before they died.

Needless to say I’m pretty disappointed with the quality. I had never had hardware issues with any apple devices before.

How many times have you had your 10.5” ipad replaced bc of hardware issues?

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Multiple 10.5" household no issues with hardware.

I had an issue where the power button only worked on 1/2 the button and the replaced the unit.

But i suspect that they actually wanted it as an engineering sample since I had managed to bend the thing quite significantly with just day to day usage

Zero problems with my 10.5” iPad Pro since I bought it in October. No problems with my wife’s 12.9” iPad Pro either. My Logitech Slim Combo keyboard case does a great job protecting it. The case itself has a left arrow key that has come loose, but Logitech is replacing it under warranty for free, so I have not real complaints. I am very pleased with Logitech customer service.

I bought one when it was released last year. I’ve used it daily and take it as my primary device when I travel. I’ve had no problems with it.

Kinda funny, but mine’s just in the last week developed a slightly brighter kind of blotch about an inch or so above the touch ID button. It’s oblong and maybe about the size and shape of a good sized thumb print. It’s virtually undetectable at the moment, unless the screen is full-on bright and white, whereupon it sorta shows up when I’m scrolling and the text moves over it. It’s only mildly distracting at the moment, and I hope it doesn’t worsen. Seeing as how it’s just passed its one year anniversary, it’d be a crappy time for it to fail.

I had an issue with a hot spot in my screen. Apple swapped it out no problem.

I’ve had mine since they came out; zero problems for me.

Well mine’s dead. And I’m overseas so AppleCare+ isn’t honoured. So I’ll be sharing a 2013 9.7" iPad pre-loaded with Doc McStuffins and Thomas for the next 6 weeks. :neutral_face: Makes me realise how much I’d come to rely on the Apple Pencil and Pages Smart Annotations for my editing workflow

Had the same, it’s a common issue and they give you a new one under warranty. It most likely happens because the battey expands under the screen and damages it.
You can feel the area over the home button getting very warm under loading as well.
Mine lasted like 10 month or so. I expect it to be the same with my new one.

That’s disconcerting. Sadly, at this point, I don’t even know that I could demonstrate the issue to the folks at Apple, it’s so subtle. And to make matters worse, I’m past the one year mark on this, so I doubt they’d cover it under warranty. :frowning:

Open a new note in landscape. You can usually see the spot on the bright backround or that’s at least what I did.
I had to decide if I can live with it and I decided no I can’t. Wish you luck with getting a replacement unit!

I had that with my 12.9" and they replaced it for me, but I’ve had no problems with the replacement unit not my 10.5" Pro.

I’ve just started to see exactly the same issue. :worried: