I fixed a weird AirPods problem in a kinda gross way

I have been walking around for a few weeks with the sense that my left AirPod was louder than my right one. The difference was minor so I wasn’t entirely sure.

Yesterday the volume in the right AirPod decreased dramatically. It was definitely noticeable now.

I did a quick search which suggested trying them with other devices (same problem) and also checking the balance in iOS via Settings > General > Accessibility > Hearing. Given the issue was across devices, there was no joy there either.

I eventually thought it’s time for new AirPods and started looking at pricing. On the page it mentioned a discussion article describing my exact problem. Somebody recommended I try sucking the AirPod to see if that had any impact (along with a warning that it might also damage them).

Anyway – I was desperate and gave it a go. Turns out it worked perfectly. It was definitely gross as I couldn’t help but think what was coming out of those AirPods. However, they now connect better and sound better too.

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If it helps any, your ears constantly drain the same substance into your throat through your eustachian tubes.


Did this a couple of days ago. Gross. But effective.

Would warming up the AirPod and using a bit of compressed air in one of the ends get the same result?