I fixed a weird AirPods problem in a kinda gross way

I have been walking around for a few weeks with the sense that my left AirPod was louder than my right one. The difference was minor so I wasn’t entirely sure.

Yesterday the volume in the right AirPod decreased dramatically. It was definitely noticeable now.

I did a quick search which suggested trying them with other devices (same problem) and also checking the balance in iOS via Settings > General > Accessibility > Hearing. Given the issue was across devices, there was no joy there either.

I eventually thought it’s time for new AirPods and started looking at pricing. On the page it mentioned a discussion article describing my exact problem. Somebody recommended I try sucking the AirPod to see if that had any impact (along with a warning that it might also damage them).

Anyway – I was desperate and gave it a go. Turns out it worked perfectly. It was definitely gross as I couldn’t help but think what was coming out of those AirPods. However, they now connect better and sound better too.

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If it helps any, your ears constantly drain the same substance into your throat through your eustachian tubes.


Did this a couple of days ago. Gross. But effective.

Would warming up the AirPod and using a bit of compressed air in one of the ends get the same result?

A bit of blu tac can also clean the grilles. Work the putty a little, not too much, and wait a minute before pressing it into the grille. Do not ‘rub’ the grille, then peel away. If the putty is too soft or you apply any rubbing motion the putty might get stuck in the grilles. So let the putty ‘cool’ a little and be careful.

You can also use a gel-based keyboard cleaner (common on amazon) which is safer as it’s unlikely to stick in the grilles, but it also won’t lift much material stuck in the grilles, just looser debris.

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