Left AirPod 2 repeatedly goes silent

I bought my daughter a pair of AirPods 2 a while ago. She’s uses them normally, but the left one often goes very silent (audible if you listen very closely but nothing compared to the right one). We went to the Apple Store two times and had them replaced under Apple Care. Their testing said there was a hardware issue. Today the left AirPod went bad for the third time. I can’t imagine we’re getting three lemons, but perhaps there’s a bad batch. Each time I’ve connected them to my phone (which works fine with AirPods Pro) and her left AirPod still continues not to make sound.

I can’t identify anything we’re doing wrong, but I’m assuming the problem is either in software or something we’re doing. Any thoughts? I think our AppleCare ran out, so we may not get another replacement. Plus I don’t want a replacement if this just happens again.

It’s not an ear wax blocking the sound holes issue. We cleaned them thoroughly, though I’m not about to suck any wax out of it.

Her other headphones (Anker over-the-ear) have worked fine for several years.

I had the same issue. I just dumped them and got the Pro.

I would contact Apple even if your AppleCare has ended. I’ve read that occasionally, when a customer has had multiple problems with a product, they will replace an out of warranty defective item. Couldn’t hurt to try.

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